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Rating system should be mandatory

You should make the rating system mandatory. Due to 2 guys who gave me 3.5 stars without a clear reason I’m still 4.6 stars rating and cannot reach even level 1. I have 100% for all the rest of the categories. Being level 0 means almost zero sales. Or make the overall rating for 60 days at least 4.5 - this is a decent value for a seller. You’ve asked 4,8 before, now changed to 4,7 but it’s still too high, you are losing sales.

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I’m a little confused. How does the rating being mandatory correlate to getting less than 5 star reviews?

I’m pretty sure that some clients avoid giving reviews because they’re not happy with the work.


no, most avoid giving reviews due to laziness; they would be happy giving 5 stars but they don’t really care doing it :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I’d rather avoid the people who don’t review because they don’t want to hurt your ratings. I’ve had circumstances of misunderstandings where clients and I misunderstood each other and they ended up not reviewing but telling me that it was a mixed experience even though my work was good.

Also even if this is is implemented buyers are going to complain about not having a choice. And Fiverr definitely won’t stand for that.


This is life. Will stay on level 0 one more month and hopefully will get to level 1 next one.

Your assuming that all of these customer’s will give 5 stars. What if it turns out they would have rated you less?
Now you have ‘mandatory reviews’ and your rating is lower that where it is now.

There are some buyers on this platform that chose not to leave a rating if they are not happy with the delivery. This is out of respect to the seller to not hurt their ratings with a negative review.