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Rating the results from a seller

Now, this is very important. So the more of you that actually ‘get’ what I am saying the less likely ‘Sellers’ will have to deal with a Faulty Rating System, for lack of a better way to describe the rating system at this point of explanation.

Keep in mind, happy Sellers, tend to offer more for less, and feel more-so like giving a little when working with buyers.

The Theory of more with Sugar than Salt, shines a bit here I guess.

Now, with that being said, I am not saying to Rate a Seller with a high rating, if you don’t feel it is.

Here’s what you need to know.

There are 3 categories of Ratings, when a Seller Deliveries a Result to a Buyer.

The first two are truly the only rating’s that should reflect a Sellers score. However, that isn’t the case at all.

Matter of fact; its so backwards in my opinion at current that you can actually take an incredible result of a seller, a 5.0 product delivery if you will and by setting the rating of recommend/buy again, anything but matching the first 2 - 5.0’s and bamo, for example 5.0/5.0/4.0 = 4.6 (on a zero sale fresh gig), and turns a over all from that 5/5/4 from 100 to 99, for anything under say 12 18 gigs roughly (estimate). Yep…Now if someone just did a super job for you and did it for no extras maybe and all sorts of possible factors could or could not play in, would you want to repay that seller with a 4.6, thereby hurting his gig rating and even his over all seller score which reflects his entire work? (stupid crazy as you read it, and know thats how it is huh!?) And this negativity was all because he did a nice job for you, but you failed to realize that recommend and buy again under the fiverr rating system hold equal value…crazy i know…You would feel bad probably, I know I would. I would be like, man I wish I knew it was like that I would have just made it 5, because the support and the delivered work was 5.0 all day.


So if you get some work done with many of the fine Sellers here on Fiverr, and the Results are a 5.0, and the Customer Support and communication is a 5.0, the final category should too be a 5.0. Regardless if you intend on ordering the gig again. Primarily because , speaking from first hand experience here. If a seller produces a out of site 10 out 5 so to speak job on category 1 and 2, but you feel like this was a great and wonderful, but you probably wont need to buy another fake-poop-filled diaper drawing with your mother-in-laws face on the backside, so you’ll put 4 stars for recommend/buy again instead — Please don’t do that to a Sellers, it will affect their score in a reasonably dramatic way, if they have fewer than 30 sales over all or 2 or 3 sales on that gig specifically. Keep in mind the most important thing about the rating is that you speak on how they handled you as a buyer and the result they produced for you, that you paid for, that last section, just 5.0 it, it has little no value in the rating system, its a redundant category that creates negative issues. There is no need to ask someone if they would recommend or buy again, the first to ratings will make that a given…its a terrible category of the rating system, it should play no role in the scoring results…BUT IT DOES so you being educated on the ridiculous way is functions, should be able to say, last category is 5.0 everytime, unless the seller is one of them one thats deserve extra negative that the first two can’t seem to shine well enough on… :wink:

Save the Seller some grief, they don’t deserve to be scored from that, if they have produce high results on the first two. I promise you it will make for a overall happier experience, and more friendly and productive for everyone, and negate that faulty system, until its fixed.

Now, if the gig was crap, then pile on the negative ratings to all 3 categories, but I’m really only speaking about positive experiences here. Just keep that in mind.

I’m saying if the sellers is making 4s and 5’s then you would maybe 5/5/5 or 4/5/5 or even 4/4/5 but never 4 or 5/4 or 5/and anything but a 5, you are indirectly causing them to have their work judged based on a factor that has nothing to do with their work or quality of client support at all.

And what else matters besides the work and client support? Exactly — NOTHING!

I have high hopes, but not a positive vibe, that maybe the rating system will be reconsidered by Administration and PO an order of change to the Tech dept but, until they do, their needs to be a work around, and that is my personal recommendation until something is done.

whatever/whatever/always a 5 (simple work around)

Thanks for reading if nothing else, and sorry for the everywhere chatter on thi spost, haven’t winded down completely from working yet, my fingers are typing faster than my brain is making a point of the issue. lol

Best Regards,


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You posted this same topic as a rant in THE RANTING POT forum, and that discussion slipped well outside the realm of the help and explanation I originally tried to share with you there. I understand this issue frustrates you, but, at this point, starting it anew in the TIPS FOR BUYERS forum is akin to beating a dead horse.

The rating system is, in this case, a mathematical issue. You need to develop a strong reputation to earn strong ratings. Ratings lower than you want, are, unfortunately, a part of doing business here on Fiverr. You cannot force people to give you top ratings, and it makes little sense to complain this vocally when a buyer chooses to rate you lower than you feel your work deserved.

Previous discussion on this thread topic:

The problem with ratings in general online without moderation is that its an open COLD world. Someone online has a different perspective of a business deal or situation then they would person to person in real life. Then you have to take into the account of psychological factors and environmental influences and differences, for example in some countries where bargaining and negotiation is taken into account on a daily basis of their lives, will be reflected in the rating system after the work done as well versus someone who was raised in a country where prices are pretty much set by laws or regulations so that person might not even think about putting in those factors into the final review.

The review systems online should be dis-connected from algorithmic or systemic placements that influence the opportunities the seller is wanting to offer. There are many different factors to include in which makes the rating system more of a flaw online IMO.

These facts I just stated are the REAL reason why we even have these discussions. Fiverr is still a product of its current internet environment in which is still evolving and unless we have a democratic way of changing the internal working of fivers business and its corporation, the best and logical thing to do is make your advertisement of good or services on fiverr work in your favor and to your liking like I have with my gigs.

I state in all my gigs " Offering the BEST deal PLUS 1 FREE redo so there’s NO REASON to give less then 5 star review & if you DON’T like my acting or if you act ONEROUS, I’ll cancel & refund money"

That has been working like a CHARM! for me… My buyers understand EXACTLY what I mean and where I am coming from and its given me the opportunity to run a smooth business on fiverr for spokesperson videos online.

Reply to @jonbaas: this is a totally different deal here, im speaking to buyers, not about the rating system to the CS, and I have NO IDEA why you have such an interest in my posts fella.

Reply to @joeyperezwest: Yes overall as well, agreed.

Reply to @joeyperezwest: Also I took a look at some of your Gig offers, good stuff, I think I’ll do some things like that and let my Wife be the spokes person for them. She is short and cute, im big and mean looking I hear, I get a lot, lol… Anyways, I like the gigs, I like how you worded some of the titles actually, you’ve been a benefit to me today, so in advance of my action on it, thank you very much.


I’m all sorted to 100% and 5.0 on everything again, so that’s a good thing, my point was clearly identified.

Reply to @michelltech:

I respond to many posts. It’s what I do. Which I have already explained in past responses to your posts. :wink:

In regards to this thread, yes, totally different forum. Still the exact same topic.

Reply to @jonbaas: and your the exact same guy, stating the obvious for no reason what so ever. Seriously? And trust me, we know its what you do…I’m stop here, I’m tired 13 gigs yesterday, 20 today so far, 17 in cue still got 3 days on them, 100 overall score now, 5.0 across board, hmmm 9th day selling and lvl 2 around the corner, guess I stay with following my own advise, anyways it is good news, i need some extras option controls, these or horrible, well too few…top seller is 85 sales in a month right plus a selection from cs i think, I’ll go find out, I hope thats right i can swing that, then ill vaca the acct and rest a couple, work and this is like whoa…

Anyways, tirrrrreeddddd

Much love…

Best Regards,

Michelltech (Rob)

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Reply to @michelltech: Buddy glad I could help! Just think logically and use reason within the advertisement. Think of the big picture, then the picture within that picture and so on an so on. Then you will be able to control space and time too. nah just kidding. So your wife is short and cute huh, lucky guy! I like both tall and short women, I’ve dated taller women then me and that was a lot of fun and really sexy ones too. Man everyone thought I was rich or something. Good times… Good Times. Good luck!

Reply to @joeyperezwest: hehehehe, thanks…Yeah, and she really wants to be an input to the charity work and the fiverr account, so I need to work out something for her to do she would be good at…I like tall women too, don’t tell my wife that though! :slight_smile: Take care!


PS: Busted level 2 seller wide open, time for TS next I guess. hehe :wink:

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