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Ratings are dropping automatically


My ratings have dropped like a landslide in just 3weeks even though I have had perfect reviews from gigs sold. What could be the problem? I have sent support a message but yet to get a response


I’m not sure what you mean?

When I look at your profile I see you have a 4.9 rating over 100 orders. That’s really good! All your recent deliveries appear to be 5 stars, too.


Thanks for replying me. the rating i was refering to It dropped constantly from 80% to 75% within a week.I mutually cancelled an order today then it dropped down to 69%(this i understand a little even though i think 6% is a whole lot for one cancelled order).


I think this has something to do with how much orders in general you had during 60 days or smth. I think such topic was open on the forum many times, you can look for it.


Thanks so much Avrora, yes i believe so too but i had all my orders delivered on time during the 60days thats why i have been a bit confused.
Thanks again


I mean you may have not that many orders in these 60 days. And so 1 cancellation makes big impact.