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Ratings Bribery

My previous rant was on bullying for ratings. This one is regarding bribery. I have come across many sellers that say that if - and only if - you give them all 5 star ratings, they will give you an extra one (or more!) of their gigs free. I find this unethical…they may as well be buying ratings.

Thanks for the reply!

~ Melody

I can understand your point, but you can always turn down the offers. It’s part of business to try to make the customer happy even though there are many down sides to it. For example, I have a family member who routinely complains loudly about hotel rooms, and the hotels often try to bribe her with free or heavily discounted extra nights to pacify her. It bugs me because sometimes I think she gets a reward for just being a complainer while I pay more because I don’t like to rock the boat! On both sides, we have to pick and choose how to manage business transactions.

I don’t do it. If they gave me a poor rating I could just simply take a screenshot and notify Customer Support that bribery was going on. I don’t even ask for a review and only ever had 1 person not review straight away.

I also cannot stand the “if you do good work there will be more” - 1. I have enough work from NICE buyers who give me more work because they like me and my services! I don’t need your work to get by, thanks. And 2. Like I do bad work if I think there won’t be more? I deliver the same standard of work to each and every buyer I get. Bribing me with the promise of more work will not make me work harder. You get the same treatment as everyone else!

As a buyer and seller my experience is mostly from a seller’s perspective. My experience is the opposite. I lost track of how many buyers tell me “if you do this or if you do that, I will give you 5 stars or If you don’t do as I say, I’m going to give you a 1 star rating”. Yep it is alive and well on both sides of the coin, but if I had to bet, I would bet that buyers use it more than sellers.

Don’t even get me going on how the Modification button is being abused.

Reply to @steveeyes: Good point!

Reply to @lunabea: Actually, I was referring to sellers who promise the extra gig in exchange for 5 stars before the rating is even given!
Thanks for the point about the opportunity for more work - I often say that to sellers, but what I mean is that I like to form long-term working relationships with people. I’ll be more careful with my wording from now on. I can see how it could be misconstrued.