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Ratings down! need experts help

Hello folks;
i am level 2 seller on fiverr right now but my ratings are a bit down and i might drop level 2 and 1 badges soon.
its because of this recent lock-down i moved to my village where there is very limited internet access and i got 4 orders there and i wasn’t able to complete and deliver them on time and this results in my order completion and delivery on time rate down.
and now i moved back to city but i am not getting orders.
what should i do…
i have worked hard to get level 2 badge and my family is also very happy for this but i might loose this badge soon and this thought hurts me daily…
please help me with your suggestions.


you should stay online as longer as possible and try sending more buyer requests, i hope that this way you will get orders and overcome this issue.

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You don’t need to worry about that, if you keep good standing from today onward, you will be promoted again onto level 2 within next 2 months because the statistic resets every 60 days. If you manage to full fill some orders and make your order completion rate back at 90%, you will be promoted to the level you were in the nearest evaluation. I was demoted quite few time due to lack of response rate and again promoted back to the L2. It’s not a big deal. Just try to get and complete some orders, with or without orders you will be promoted in 2 months if you didn’t make any mistake on your next deliveries.

PS: but you will need to have at least one completed order in next months for promotion to happen cause there should be at least 1 order within 60 days of period for the order completion rate to become 100%.