Ratings for Buyers is exactly what we need


The truth is that some Buyers are here to scam us. You will deliver to them and immediately they will ask for a refund. Ask them what is wrong, and they will not point at anything wrong. Some can even charge back from PayPal. This is why we need a rating system for Buyers so that Sellers can see it and stay off these Buyers. Alternatively, we will know to do business with them.


I heard 97% of sellers have 5 :star: reviews.

Since most sellers reciprocate – it would mean 97% buyers would have 5 :star: reviews as well.

Knowing buyers reviews would be as useless for you as me seeing sellers review.

With the exception of 2 sellers, it seems every article writers (like all 100k of them) have 5 star reviews.

I think review system stinks on 5r, they need to come up with something better. I’ve hired 5 star sellers who has given me stole, plageriazed, and just simply crappy stuff.

Reviews are a distractor.


i agree with @gina_riley2. the reviews gives us new sellers little or no opportunity to showcase our skill