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Ratings no show

Did a great job and buyer left an awesome feedback, but the problem is that the feedback does not show on the gig reviews. I used the feature Send a custom price quote to buyer, i guess when you use this option reviews wont show up even if the buyer asking you question through your that specific gig. Anyone else had this issue? Any help from the community would be nice.

@kjblynx i know that now lol , never suspected to be a bug either but thanks for the feedback. :)>-

I’m actually having this problem myself… However, it wasn’t with the Send a Custom Price feature. Rather, the buyer ordered and left GLOWING feedback, and I left him one as well. After 8 hours, it still hasn’t shown up. I’ve already cleared the cache and restarted the browser… nothing. I’ve even tried other browsers… next step? Send CS a message regarding the bug.

@emeraldawnn i don’t think is a bug , it’s just the way the system is. Hard work and no ratings to show, what a bad one.