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my buyer has contacted ccustomer support and they have delete the ratings but can she re back

Uh… What are you trying to convey?

can she rerate back

What does “reback rate” mean? Perhaps if you rephrase your request, that may prove more helpful in answering your question.

If they have removed the review then no, the buyer cannot “re-rate” you

what about fiverr itself

Yes if customer service has removed the bad review the evil buyer can come and put it back.

Fiverr itself does not put ratings on your gigs, only buyers can do that.
Fiverr probably will not take it off a second time if the buyer re rates you again.

Keep on trucking man.

@ecovers0000000 - You have been asked several times to stop putting personal help requests in the Tips categories. You just put different versions of this question in Tips for Sellers, Tips for Buyers and again in Tips for Sellers. You have received an account warning. Do not continue and read the forum rules.

Requests for personal help could go in Conversations if they are general. You also have the Improve my Gig category for help with individual gigs. There is no need to spam in tips. In addition, reading the Fiverr FAQ category can often result in answers for your questions before you even post.