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Ratings problem theorem

I have a 3.0 rating which I can’t send buyer requests, how can that b rectified


You need to get some more orders, and ensure that you complete them to a high enough standard so as to bring your overall rating up to above 4.5 (I believe this is the minimum required standard). Once your score is high enough, you’ll have access to Buyer Requests again.

As you don’t have access to Buyer Requests, you’re going to have to think of some alternative methods of getting orders. There’s plenty of advice on the forum about ensuring your gigs are of a high quality, and ways of promoting your gigs effectively outside of Fiverr.

Good luck.

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If you wouldn’t mind how can I get orders when I can’t send buyer requests

I’ve answered that question for you in my previous reply.


One more question partaining to my post
You mentioned promoting my gigs outside fiverr those platforms includes?

It’s not a case of there being specific platforms you should be using - you need to work out where your target customers are, and figure out how to reach them with a compelling sales message to convince them to work with you. I can’t tell you where to go because I don’t know who your potential customers are - this is work you’ll have to do yourself I’m afraid.


Alright thanks for ur time

you had to work hard for your next few orders & get fiver start reviews at least five times on next 10 days

What’s start review?

I’m assuming they meant “five star reviews”. No such thing as a start review.