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Ratings/Reviews should be mandatory

I hate delivering an order and someone doesn’t rate or leave any feedback even after asking them to do so couple of times. This really hurts the rank of my gig and my reputation. Imagine you did ten orders and no one left a review your gig will be dumped to the bottom of the list. What do you guys think?

I’ve seen sellers who do the “rate 5 stars all ill give a a bonus… blah blah”, which is really unfair and bias.

How could you possibly enforce that? In my experience, when a buyer is less than thrilled with the work they will simply not leave a review. This to me is preferable to a negative rating so be happy with that.

Most people who don’t rate you didn’t want to give you a poor rating so instead they don’t rate you at all.

I would really be against mandatory reviews. The review system is already a disaster. I agree with the others that some buyers will just disappear if they want you to get paid but don’t adore the delivery. If you forced them to review they might just click 2 stars (or worse) out of sheer annoyance.


I don’t know. I don’t think most people just don’t leave a review due to not wanting to hurt you or your ratings… Some may just get what they ordered and vanish in general not realizing the rating system is there or plain just don’t want to leave any feedback because they don’t want their project being displayed on fiverr as an ordered gig.


I agree with the statement that they might click 2 stars if they are feeling forced to give reviews.

On the other hand some may order and wait a week or two before even getting their project. either way we get paid and move on from there.


If they dont want their project to be previewed they can choose to do so when they review.

I would love to know - I saw this post elsewhere - did the actual person who posted this move it to Suggestions or did someone else do it? @jackyheshi Can you answer? I am wondering because this is one of those posts that sounds like a suggestion but may just be a topic for conversation. Also, I see some unusual activity in the forum today.