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I’m tired of being bullied by sellers into leaving 5-star ratings and feedback. The reason for the system is for others to know what to expect from the seller. I do think its courteous to let the seller know his/her complaint and give him/her a chance to remedy the situation. However, if the work is still sub-par I should be able to say so. Otherwise, there is no point whatsoever in having a ranking system at all.

What kind of bullying are you experiencing? You can leave whatever rating you want = buyers can’t control it. If they ask you to change it and you don’t feel it’s justified… just don’t. You’re in control of that :slight_smile:

I agree. You are in control of your feedback. If the ‘bullies’ are being overly aggressive or threatening, report them to Customer Support.

There have been more and more complaints about this on the forum lately. Reporting the offenders directly is the only way to help prevent it.

If the seller does request a cancellation to remove that negative review, I hope you accept. The point of the rating system is to get read of scammers and tricksters, people who can’t do the job but say they can and hope most buyers will forget to request a cancellation.

However, some buyers use the rating system to punish good sellers. Fiverr itself lowers our rating if we don’t get 5-stars, get too many 3-4 stars and your rating lowers. Here’s the worst part, I had 22 negative reviews, 1,500 positive ones, and my rating is 97%. I refunded 4 orders, and my rating continues to be 97%. So why should I refund the other 18 orders? Where’s my incentive?

The star system is destructive. At least with thumbs up, thumbs down, the work really had to be bad to get thumbs down. With stars, buyers have too many choices.

fastcopywriter said: the work really had to be bad to get thumbs down

So work that is mediocre at best deserves a thumbs up?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: you don’t need to refund any orders. REviews of 4 stars and a 97% rating is still a very good rating. Buyers don’t think in the same way that sellers do. They think more in movie terms 4 out of 5 stars, it was a really good movie, but not my favorite all time ever that i will watch 20 more times kind of thing.

Reply to @sincere18: Buyers may not care if a seller has a few 4 or 4.5 star ratings but sometimes when you get a 4.5 star rating the gigs drop down in search results, mine have gone down from page 1 or 2 to page 18 to 20 a couple of times due to a 4.5 star rating. For those of us who have our regular customers someone will always eventually bump us back up but if this happens to a new seller it can be a big setback.

Personally i have never cancelled due to a rating, neither do i ask buyers to rate. Well once i have asked a buyer about a rating and that was because i got a 1 star rating with a super positive review so it was obviously an accidental 1 star rating (buyer changed it to a 5 star).

Reply to @sincere18: I’m only refunding 1-2 stars, those look really bad. Of course, maybe I’m paranoid, if I was a buyer and see a guy with 200 positive reviews and 2 negatives, I’m going to think 198 people can’t be wrong.

How are you getting bullied into posting positive reviews? You are the one with the power of reviewing something.

Sellers are just as tired of buyers using the rating system to try to bully them to provide ten times more work than they paid for – it they don’t, they will give the seller a negative review. Seller’s only recourse – cancellation – which sucks after putting in hours of work.

Reply to @mgjohn78:

mgjohn78 said: the gigs drop down in search results, mine have gone down from page 1 or 2 to page 18 to 20 a couple of times due to a 4.5 star rating.
This is Fiverr. My gigs have dropped down in search when nothing has happened to my gigs other than getting MORE 5-star feedback.

What affects search position, or even visibility on the site, simply cannot be directly attributed to any particular aspect of the system or a user's actions.

I don't mean to sound dismissive, but it's impossible to ascribe results to logical practices here, when Fiverr's intentional methods are bizarre enough and a rogue punctuation mark can send the entire site into an error-fest. :)

I came across my first situation with the ratings. I requested a gig for a “unique and Creative” logo. the designer on fiver submitted my original logo with simply a new font. Kept the original graphic element which I am sure will upset the Graphic Designer who created it for me 2 years ago.

However when I submitted my review, I immediately received an email asking me to remove my review and they would return my $5. I can only guess how many of us Buyers have researched gigs and selected Sellers based on their Buyer reviews. So if Sellers simply refund $5 each time a Buyer does not receive what was promised - then the entire fiverr Rating system is manipulative and of little use to Buyers.

Reply to @steveeyes: Yes, this. I’ve written far more than my gig allowed for out of fear of an unreasonable client. I wish we had the ability to not accept an order right away because you can usually tell those buyers who will ask for more when they write you repeatedly before an assignment. It would be a kind way of saying that the relationship won’t work out.

Reply to @logo411: Hello! But that IS how the business world works. They were willing to refund your money because you were unhappy and in return you accept the rating change. A seller, be it Target, your mechanic, or a designer can choose to refund or accept the consequences.

You are coming to a place called Fiverr instead of going to a major firm. Low overhead, low prices, low quality. I certainly don’t put the same level of effort into what I write for $4 (after Fiverr’s 20%) that I do for a client who just paid me $30-40 to dazzle him. I will dazzle that guy and smile as I hand in the content.

No one gets mad because the sunglasses they bought at the Dollar Store don’t last as long as the ones they bought from Sunglass Hut.

I just had a similar thing happen. Was happy with the job I paid for, but the seller took many times to get the work correctly as I paid for. I was happy in the end, but in all fairness to new buyers I left a 4 star feedback because it had been a bit of hard slog to get to the final product. The seller has left me many, many emails demanding to know why I left that and requesting me to change it or else he would cancel it. I contacted Customer Service (useless) as I thought sellers were not allowed to do this. They didn’t care. In the end I agreed to the cancellation because i was sick of it. This is obviously how sellers have all 5 star ratings - by being dishonest.

infinityplusone said: No one gets mad because the sunglasses they bought at the Dollar Store don't last as long as the ones they bought from Sunglass Hut.

No, but they do get mad when it turns out they're just spray-painted.

That does bring up one thing 'reviewers' don't think about - the real world. Dollar Store doesn't provide an online forum for complaints either. If a person is disgusted with the spray-painted glasses, they can get a refund/credit and then they need to figure out a way to tell the world how angered they are. If they're steamed enough, they do.

There is NOTHING stopping any disgruntled Fiverr user from calling out or naming & shaming any other user, or Fiverr itself, as long as they do it elsewhere. In most respects, using Fiverr isn't different to shopping at any other discount store.

Reply to @itsyourthing: I don’t. It’s a dollar. I expect whatever it is to break that day because I only paid a dollar. I shop there because sometimes I get a bargain, other times I get crap. There is a bit of a risk and a thrill with that.

People should feel the same about Fiverr and accept they took a risk. Sometimes, they are rewarded. Sometimes they are not.

Reply to @kittenovski: You couldn’t just ignore the PMs? I do. I don’t mean to be rude, but they don’t have your phone number or home address, nor do they have your actual email. You can easily ignore the pink dot and rub your hands together malevolently and make the Bwahahahahahahaha sound as they cringe over their 4 star review.

If I felt like I didn’t deserve the review and I cared I would write the customer, just as you would if someone gave you a bad review and you cared.

That customer has the right to ignore me or make it worse. The thing is, sellers don’t have the option of not accepting a gig from someone with a bad review, they must cancel and watch their stats go down. Buyers have a lot more power on this website.

Reply to @infinityplusone: But you should expect the sunglasses to actually be sunglasses. You’re missing the point that whatever is sold has to at least be what it is described as, and functional for its intended purpose. Durability and other measures of ‘quality’ are debatable.

The problem with Fiverr is that in MANY instances people do not get what they paid for - no matter how cheap or expensive, and there is no authority verifying that the product is what’s advertised or that it hasn’t been stolen.

There is ‘risk’ involved in any purchase, but in most sales environments (including Dollar Stores) a widget has to be a widget, and it’s wrong to knowingly sell it when you know half the parts aren’t in the box. Then you are legally and ethically required to advertise a wid.

I’m going to stop now, Fiverr is not the place to discuss business ethics. It always gets ugly. :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: I’m not missing your point. Just because you are in the graphics design section doesn’t mean you are selling a logo or design for $5. You could be selling graphics consulting services, ie “time”.

I have an allergy to certain chemicals and my hair stylist will sell consulting time without cutting or styling my hair because time=money.

Now, if I promised to turn in a logo within the wording of my gig and I don’t then I you are correct, but if I offer consulting for $5 and the logo for more then I am keeping with the terms of my gig.

And I don’t think it will get ugly. I agree that people shouldn’t promise something and not deliver. If you promise to make a logo for $5 then you better do it because your word is your bond.