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Sir i am doing my first order 4 days ago on fiverr and buyer gives me 3.7 star review and my positive ranking goes to 73%.Then I want to snd buyer request but this error comes "You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!.Then my friend tells me to contact the buyer and ask him to change his review or to cancel the order bcz this rating gives bad impact on your profile and finding orders with this rating is almost impossible.Then I ask the buyer, he refused to change the review but agree to cancel the order mutualy and then we both decided to cancel the order mutually.Now, after cancellation my profile has 0 positive rating and still i cant send the buyer request.Whats the reason behind it?Plz solve my problem

Only you can solve this problem. The only way to fix your rating is to get positive ones. Hopefully you did not delete the gig with the negative review. If you didn’t delete it, you could contact Customer Support, explain that the buyer accepted a mutual cancellation and politely as if CS will remove the review. If they agree that could help a lot. If you deleted the gig with the negative still on it, they can’t fix that.

You might have one other alternative being so new and I only suggest it because you are new. You could ask Fiverr if they will close your account and give you permission to start a new one. Then you could just start over. Don’t try that without permission though or you’ll be in a bigger mess. Good luck.