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Ratio of Clicks to Orders?

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering, what sort of ratio do you guys have between the number of clicks your gig receives and the number of orders you get? I’m just curious, and it would be interesting to see the data on the average number of clicks you have to get before a purchase.

Right now (just starting out) I have 35 clicks on one gig and two orders, which is a ratio of 17.1:1, so 5.7% (think I got the maths right!).

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You are talking about your conversion rate. It is explained here.

To be honest, there is no correlation between the number of clicks and the % of these clicks that convert into successful orders. For example, if the gig is extremely impressive, the % can be as high as 80% (which means 16 out of 20 clicks they receive convert into orders). However, if the gig is not very impressive, it might have a much lesser % conversion rate of, say, 5% (which means only 1 in 20 clicks convert into orders). It also varies greatly over the different categories/sub-categories that Fiverr has. For example, while a conversion rate of 5% may be impressive in logo design, a conversion rate of 50% might be sub-par in video animation.

So, I honestly don’t think you can glean much from such type of data/information (of other sellers).

All the numerical values and gig sub-categories mentioned are only arbitrary. I just used them to give you an example.


Thanks for such a detailed answer. I’d imagine it would be difficult to get anything worthwhile from such a broad range of services.