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RATS! WebGL why I am seeing this?


Someone, please explain this why I am seeing this snag ???


That would appear to be an error. You might want to contact Customer Support.


Dear Jonbaas, I am not calling anybody rats…browser is showing “RATS” .
I need help , why this is showing?


Thank You Jonbas



I get that all the time with Chrome - I choose just to ignore it! :sunny:

Added - not just on Fiverr!


I know. That’s why I deleted my first post. I’ve been responding to too many people demanding that us forum veterans make them instantly successful. I was in, “come on, really?” mode. Sorry about that. :wink:

My second comment should provide you some useful insight.


@saadiaa03 = This is a good course of action too. :wink:


I am continuously ignoring …but keep on popping



Restart your computer - it might give you a rest for a while from it.

I don’t know what causes it I’m afraid.


Your chrome needs more RAM spaces. Delete your cache Use fewer chrome extensions.
Try CCleaner to clean your PC. I faced this issue for many sites, after I upgrade my pc (by adding 4gb extra RAM) everything runs smoothly.


I get that error sometimes too. I just ignore it like any other popup since it’s easier for me to close it than to mess with it. (That’s just me and my inner rat, I’m not suggesting it’s the best way to deal with it.) So far it hasn’t caused me any actual problems using the site, it just takes a millisecond to close and I can still do everything else normally. If it bothered me enough, i would either contact Customer Support or google to see if it might be something to do with my own browser or add-ons.