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Re-activate search feature on buyer request page

When looking at the buyer request page it is very difficult to stop the right request if, as a seller, we are looking only for some specific job.

I believe you already understand what ‘search’ feature I am talking about, but still I will try to explain with an example.

I’m a level 2 seller on fiverr and I do all the works related to websites like creating new website, responsive web design, PSD to HTML, website modifications, etc…

Right now, I would like to take up on any project related to squarespace websites or wordpress websites.

So I will go to buyer request page and I will be doomed because I will have to scroll through all the requests to find the ones which are either squarespace/wordpress related.

Instead, if you can just RE-ACTIVATE the search feature, which you already have in place on buyer request page, it will be very helpful.

Hope you address this request soon.

Try this search:
Save it in your favorites

Thanks @kindoflost . Nice turn around. But still it would be great help if @fiverr fixes this.