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Re: Cancellation, Looked But Couldn't Find An Answer to This


I just had a customer cancel about an hour after they order for no apparent reason. They wanted booties, I got their address (I asked a few times since they kept not giving me a name or full address) and said, great, no problem, I’ll start them now. (There is a 10 day lead time for them.)

Two hours later, they cancel without a word. Is this going to negatively affect me??? Because that would be … irritating.


It will put a mark against your account BUT it will not negatively affect you unless you start getting an unusually high amount of cancellations. So don’t worry too much about it! The way customer support implied it when I got in contact was more cancellations than gig deliveries.


Reply to @ryangillam: Thanks for responding. Still irritating. I can’t do more than say “Sure, I’ll do that, it’ll be on its way in a day or so” and if they change their mind, they change their minid. Meh. Blech. kicks can


I actually had this happen to me today buyer cancelled the transaction via PayPal


Reply to @ozzieuk: The whole order was odd. Getting a name and address out of them was like pulling teeth, so maybe they were some sort of con artist, who knows? I’m just annoyed I have a number in the ‘cancellation’ column now. My OCD doesn’t appreciate that, lol.