RE: cancelled gigs, late delivery, possible mediation?


Hello all. Is there any way that cancelled orders can be changed to a positive status if they have been delivered late? I suffer from chronic medical issues that cause me to require medical attention. Having said that, how does resolution center actually work to mediate the situation? I wish to make the peace with the community and work towards establishing myself once again as a diligent seller. I have tried to find the info online but to no avail. I want to have more info on the matter before I send the cancelled orders to the resolution center.



You can always contact support and plead your case.


Click, “Still Can’t Find An Answer”,

Click, “Submit A Request”,

We’ve all run up against health, family and personal issues and have been dinged at one time or another. It’s part of growing up on Fiverr. Working hard and filling orders will help you regain what you’ve lost. Good luck! :slight_smile:


@pincushionman. yes they can but they have to get buyer’s permission first.