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Re-Code You Website


Re-code your site it obviously has a obviously has a problem. I keep entering “required info” and no dice. Got a feeling you may find that pretty funny, but this site has some major problems.


The site is working normally for me now (and apparently thousands of others) but I can’t tell enough by the minimal information you gave to be sure what is happening to you. I can’t even tell if you were trying to buy or sell. I am just a buyer/seller myself and I volunteer to help on the forum so if you see my admin tag, it doesn’t mean I’m staff or a developer. This forum is primarily for buyers and sellers to offer peer support, so no one reading this can re-code anything for you.

If you really want help to fix the problem, either describe it in more detail so that forum readers can try, or submit a ticket to Customer Support to reach actually staff.


That’s the funniest thing I don’t even see way to submit what any of you keep calling a support ticket. And as a “buyer” obviously trying to enter the “required info” to my order obviously under “order requirements” every time I go to submit it it simply does not submit. Not my first order either had no problems at all with my first order, but this one just won’t submit no matter what. I realize that “order requirements” a whole lot harder than I’m explaining perhaps, but at either rate I still have yet to find where I can enter a support ticket. And I know you’ll give a link to customer support where I can use what is basically a Q & A without any real way of submitting a so-called support ticket. And so when I go to where’s the link entitled “support ticket” again? Funny thing is when I ran a gaming server and rented the remote servers “support ticket” was entitled “support ticket” when I built websites I could always see who posted in my forums so I’m not too sure the webmaster can’t read this as you claim. I should probably just film the thing with a T5i camera, throw the footage into adobe after effects of course use a Zoom h2 mic and do the entire thing myself huh? That way I could just cut out the middle man. Hell maybe even go the cheap route and use that cheap European version called Magix Movie Maker Pro some really cheap 1080p knock off camera and one of those really old Zoom H1 mics for audio. I mean either that or two straight days of trying to submit order requirements that this site won’t let me submit. Thanks for the help though.