Re-joined fiverr after 3 years


I originally joined fiverr 3 years ago with video editing services. The idea behind fiverr was brilliant but what i had to offer was worth a lot more than just $5 at the time. I have now rejoined 5r after 3 years with new services such as my Social Media Marketing and Facebook ad creation and management.
One negative point for me is feedback I got over 3 years ago has not allowed me to response to buyers requests even though it was 1 review just short of 5 stars.

It would be great to hear from anyone who has been through a similar process as me, originally giving up on fiverr to rejoin and have they seen an improvement in services offered?



Welcome in Here :green_heart:


Welcome back to fiverr :slight_smile:


But your account “is no longer available”. Wonder how you’re able to post on the forum.


There´s a bug that adds a ‘1’ to the names of some forum users, IIRC it has to do with changing one´s email or something, however, type the name without the final 1, and you´ll find the profile. :wink:

Welcome back, mcky, and :four_leaf_clover:


Ah yes, well I am defiantly on and have a few gigs going. Not sure why my name has a 1 after it but you can search mcky16 and it’ll come up with my account. :slight_smile:


OK. Create more gigs and source captivating gig images. The images you have on there aren’t it. Remember, even when you can’t access Buyer Requests, you can equally advertise your gigs on ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ Forum thread and on social media sites - you’ll see the links on your profile page. Soon you’d be fine.


yes his account already suspended from not forum


Nope account is defiantly not suspended as I still use it :slight_smile:


Thanks grydiynnes, I had the opinion that 5r is so saturated with everyone offering the similar things and all their gig images just look the same with too much text, pictures and icons. My gig pictures stand out perfectly, tell the customer what I offer and I believe that is the best way to bring people in. Anyone else agree??

Check out my profile to see if you agree with me! My profile