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Re******* problem

had someone problem with ********** ?

Thinking… :thinking:

It is against Forum rules to name a seller or buyer. Please remove the user name from your post.

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Hi vickie, let me add that the account is not available anymore

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It looks like his account is no longer active.

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im asking because im trying to find a solution why i received unusual traffic to my website. i asked him if his job was cause that traffic and if this could harm my ranking, he didnt respond and now i see he deactivate his account. so im trying to find a solution because this could cause i huge problem to my website

Hi Vickie, He is not a user any more

Maybe he deactivated it, and maybe Fiverr banned him.

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Dear catwriter. do you know how i can find a solution to my problem now?

I have no idea. Ask someone who knows something about websites and traffic and ranking?

It’s unlikely that someone who bought from that seller will see your post and respond to it. As far as I can tell, the great majority of buyers only visit the forum if they have a problem and need a solution, and then they go away.

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I guess there’s not much you can do besides hiring another seller for this particular need and asking CS for a refund.

His account is still active, actually. The forum adds a “1” onto some accounts, I think when an email address is used to make a new account after an old account is deleted completely.


The user is still technically active but has no gigs, so chances are he has left Fiverr. There probably isn’t a lot you can do except what else was suggested in this thread. Sorry you had trouble.

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Are you sure? The account without “1” is active (is on Fiverr since July this year), but there’s an inactive account with “1”, too, and that one was on Fiverr since July 2014.

Of course, it could be the same person, even though the countries are different.

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Hmmm, no, I’m not sure. The 1 is a known Discourse thing which is why I always look for accounts with and without the 1. Of course, like you said, it could be the same user and they may have used VPN for one and not the other (which makes sense if they were doing dicey things.) It could also be a different person with the same name who saw that ree----n was taken and added a 1. That’s confusing. :smiley:

Either way, for safety sake, that’s why we remove names from posts even if an account appears to be closed.

Edited to add: I was curious and did a cache search. @catwriter is right that there are accounts with both names and they may or may not be different people. One is blocked and one is not. So, that is just a Support/Staff issue at this point.