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RE: Revisions from buyers (Make Fiverr BETTER)

Some of us offer unlimited revisions and some of us offer none or somehwere inbetween the two. Lately I’ve come across a few posts where Sellers say their buyers continue to request revisions although the package that was purchased only included one(for example). This got me thinking that Fiverr should, depending on the amount of revisions included in a purchased order, ‘gray out’ or disable the Request Revisions button after a buyer has exceeded the amount of revisions included in the order. And if the Seller offers that as an extra then it should be presented to the buyer on their order page to either purchase an additional revision or rate the order accordingly.

I personally offer unlimited revisions because i like to guarantee myself these:

However, I think Fiverr should definitely prevent a buyer from requesting revisions not included in the order. This puts the Seller in an unfair position and is a way for Buyers to manipulate the system to get free work from Sellers trying hard to make money and maintain a good rating. It also defeats the purpose of even having the option to sell additional revisions; what for? It’s free!

What do you all think about this?


Problem with that is that buyers won’t be able to request a revision for typos or something that was missed out or misunderstood.

I don’t offer any revisions at all … but when buyers request a revision I’ll at least consider it, particularly when it’s something not too taxing, even if they didn’t ask for it in the first place.

Alternatively, I just deliver the same thing again with an explanation that what they want requires an extra fee.

The revision button is useful for both the buyer and the seller.


This is exatly why I got scammed a few times by buyers. I wish you not to have the same experience too.

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That’s great…service

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What do you mean? :thinking:


I’m all with you, that will be a nice improvement

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Requesting a revision for typos doesn’t apply to my services so perhaps you wouldn’t understand where I am coming from.

Oh - I do. The problem with creative gigs is that if you offer unlimited revisions it can - and does! - go on forever.

And let me tell you, I’ve had more than one buyer change his mind over and over and over again … one of them I just told him how to do it himself in the end. He was annoying.


Unlimited revision is equal to work for free if you get that “buyer”


Lol I definitely feel that! I also see where you’re coming from but there’s always a way to do things better, right?

@studio6vo - mostly, with what I do, it either works or it doesn’t, which makes life easier. However, when it doesn’t work they way the buyer thought it would, that’s when issues can arise …

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