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Re-Sellers/agencies - Love them or hate them?


Personally it’s a bit of both for me. The positive side of me says “yay, a buyer” the other half of me says “boo, someone who is charging a client a few hundred quid for a VO and ripping them off in the process”.

I know I know that’s how business works, I know that’s how the world goes round and I’m not nieve to think that there will never been someone “ripping” someone else off. Doesn’t mean I should think it’s right.

I know of re-sellers who won’t leave feedback because they don’t want to be “tied” to the seller. I know some sellers also sell permission for re-use commercially as a gig extra.

Would love to hear opinions about this. Not sure the ranting post is the right place :confused:


I think we need to understand "Value Proposition"

I think resellers are smart and as fiverr gives us more and more opportunities to charge higher amounts, than we can start to get a bigger part of that pie.

I only begrudge them when they’re like… “Do we really have to go through fiverr?” Like it’s some huge hassle to use paypal or DamnQuickPay™


I’m one of the sellers that has a commercial license on their gigs XD. I think reselling can be a win-win if both parties respect each other’s terms. I also think blackhatting has given the resale market a little bit of a bad reputation.

And subtle watermarks never hurt anyone.



What is “black hatting”?


Well it was originally a term for a villian that morphed into internet slang for a malicious “hacker” who used their skills to torment people…but its grown to refer to quite a few scam techniques. (Duplicating someone’s gig and identity on a rival site and selling it for more money, using SEO backlinking bots, piggybacking on a popular site like Fiverr to use networking gigs in a link pyramid to drive traffic to a useless domain built only to get pay-per-view Google AdSense revenue…etc…etc.)


SEO companies seem to love me for some weird reason. LOL…I don’t mind that much even if I do occasionally have to “take a break” from Fiverr.


@storyteller Oh there’s nothing wrong with legit SEO companies, but some of them can be shady and over inflate their results XD.


^^True, Noblerab. If some of them are known to use outdated SEO rules or “Black Hat” tactics, avoid them.



Funny story. I was actually messaged awhile ago by someone trying to buy my Fiverr account because my username was the “same as their company” and their customers “were confused by me” because my things usually pop up first in Google…I guess. Of course they didn’t provide any proof and threatened to report me after I refused. I checked their profile after blocking them.

Their gigs were all SEO based.

I died laughing.


NobleRab, wow. :slight_smile: Well, I’ll give you they did use statutory language “Confusion in the marketplace” Curiously, did you get a proper offer? Do you know how much they were considering?


@anarchofighter Sadly no…they didn’t give me a number, just threatened to report me based on a copyright violation. Even though usernames aren’t subject to violation unless they are claiming to be someone else for profit XD. I also pointed out that my name was a Harry Potter reference…but he still insisted that there was a business titled “noblerab” that was founded in the 60’s. You would think an SEO guru could beat a Fiverr gig in Google rankings…but I guess Google’s Panda update threw some people for a loop.


You’re spot on, NobleRab, names and titles are not “copyrightable” and even if you were “doing business” in a way that created confusion, they would still have more than a few 'barriers" to overcome. Good on you, mate. And sorry for the nonsense :frowning:


Reply to @anarchofighter: Heh, I know I’m not the brightest crayon in the tool shed…but I’ve gotten underestimated a lot on Fiverr for being a “young” artist that draws fun cartoons and family portraits. These scammers and unpleasant people just get to learn the hard way that I’ve been online since before Google was huge and Friendster was still considered a good idea XD. I don’t let it rustle my jimmies though…I mean…who would I scream at? The computer monitor? That behaviour is reserved for video games :D.


Reply to @anarchofighter:

this term is now VERY VERY broad. It use to be doing illegal to borderline illegal things, like hacking, phishing, etc. now the term has moved to spamming or well, its just matter of opinion of what blackhat is. most people now a days considering doing anything that is not naturally done via the internet (like using software) as blackhat. have you ever had phishing emails trying to get you to reset your bank password or facebook password? very blackhat!!


Reply to @rich77sm: Or those hundreds of Nigerian princes who need your help wiring money? Ahahaha.


Reply to @noblerab: Which games do you play (that find themselves the victim of your screams?)


Reply to @rich77sm: Yes, I’ve seen that. Phishing.

It’s an interesting area for me because as an Anarchist and a fan of Hactivists, I actually share the general belief / philosophy that “Information Wants to be Free” … As a business owning anarchist, I settle for 2-cents a minute.

And as a disapointed US Citizen, I also suffer knowing that “National Security” has become the bugaboo for all kinds of “covert ugliness”. Having said that, I’m more worried, about Black Ops than Black Hat. AND, at the same time, Black Hat really does leave a lot of people exposed :frowning: And in that way I empathize and wish the “victims” speedy recovery


Everything is based on re-selling therefore I’m ok with that, ebay, amazon are also based on re-selling.


I can see the advantages and disadvantages of re-sellers but I think it would be best to approach the subject in a more lucrative way. Think of them as buyers with a lot of money to spend, they are getting payed for a project and paying you to do that project for less money. This means they have some money to spend and still be able to get it back once their project pays up. Ask for more money that you would usually ask for. If your selling something for $5 and their gonna sell it for $100, what’s wrong with asking for $20 instead. They still make $80 in profit and you made an extra $15 doing the work you usually do for five. Since it’s not much money when compared to what they are getting a lot of the times they will say yes, and you just made a quick buck and maybe even a returning costumer.


No problem here at all with it. As stated by others: it brings more business. Pretty neat. :slight_smile: