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Re use Profile picture

Can I use the same profile image I used for my disabled account.


It depends on the reason why it’s disabled. Did you disable it yourself or was it fiverr CS?

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You can try it. However, I have previously read on the Forum that such images get warnings from Fiverr even though they belong to the person who previously used them.

Did you get permission from Fiverr to open a new account? :thinking: If not, you could be in hot water with them for not doing so.

That is a good point. If @genuine_sales1 disabled their previous account themselves, then they do not need CS permission to open a new one.

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It was currently disabled by Fiverr

No I have not been given permanent
If I don’t use my image and I go ahead to open a different account with a different IP WILL THEY KNOW?

You are not allowed to have second account if your first one was banned. It looks like life didn’t teach you anything. Fiverr disabled your account for breaking rules and now you want to break them again.

And answering your question: yes, sooner or later they will find out.

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No, it’s just a question. I didn’t say I was gonna try it
Thanks for your help

Do you promise? :thinking:

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Yes I promise i am not going to try it

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