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Reach 1000 Orders

Just wanted to share with you 1000 orders goal !

when he began this adventure it looked like a dream, looking at those vendors

and they said they shared this goal and thought, wow I am far from fulfilling it.

Today after 7 months of sleepless nights, and good stories to tell

(with reference to the number of customers and their different way of thinking),

I am grateful to God first, and the team of fiverr.


Me too!!!

Congratulations on your achievement! I’m about 10% of the way there at around 100 orders, but I am working toward the same goal that you have already reached. I wish you continued success on Fiverr.

Congrats. I recently just passed the 1000 mark a few days ago too.

Wtg!!! Congrats guys!

woww congrats man… 1000 gigs is amazing.

I am at 300 right now… long way to goo. I hope the month of october is amazing and I get 700 orders.


Congrats. I see you’re from Venezuela. How many Bolivares are you getting per $5 order? Do you get the Fiverr revenue card? Does PayPal work in Venezuela?

Reply to @aeb2783: Keep the Good Work ! , just take time reach your own marks

Reply to @victoria91: when you said that number , i think i did 1000 orders ! . looks like insane !

Reply to @accessgirl: Thanks !! :blush:

Reply to @safwan: I think this depends how much orders do you have a day, but the goals will take more or less time, just depends

Reply to @mathswiz: Thanks (Y) !

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Actually the exchangue in paralell dollar it’s already its

80 Bs x $ 1 , Just i use Paypal, and later sell the money to others peoples they need $to buy , they pay me in Bs i transfer the money .

I was busy all these days, sorry for delay in the replies, Now 1500 Goal order it’s comming 1384 and counting ! Woooho !