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Reach My First Milestone And Earn 2.2k On Fiverr

Thank you so much Fiverr,:grinning:

and also want to thank you all supporter on forum to help me with the new achievements.

I know it’s look small but It is enough to inspire me to set new milestone :golf: in next year to earn 4.4K.

There is only one advise to new users that:-

“Don’t loos hope and keep moving up success :dizzy: will be definitely come to you”

Best regards,
jay :yum:


Thank you very sharing your fiverr story @jaydeepsinh
Keep it up😏

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thank you so much @djwaruna i hope you will also do wall on it

Yes. @jaydeepsinh I try and try :blush:

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Thanks for the motivation. Good luck

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Thank you @pixelsgeek

Thank you so much @thecreativeguys

Congratulations bud! hope you keep getting more and more sales.
Keep it up!.

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Thanks for sharing your story.

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Thank you @vfxtesthub

Thank you @peggymanthey

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Wow, that’s an achievement and keep growing. My best wishes.

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thank you for sharing man…:+1::+1:

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Thank you @arpanchetri

Thank you @krishna326

hey I got my 4th order and I am happy. Also happy for you too.


Thank you @vancho2702

no problem. thanks again by the way

Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

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