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Reached great milestones & my story

Hello fellow Fiverr sellers & buyers.

I’m Mikeartworks, a graphic designer here on Fiverr. I just wanted to share with you guys that I’m very proud of myself for reaching 2 great milestones not too long ago, which are:

  • $10000+ in revenues
  • 1000 total orders

When I started I wasn’t as professional as I am now (If I may say so myself). I started with Minecraft avatar drawings. It all went okay, few sales a week, but I wanted to get more out of myself. That’s when I started logo designing. I started logo designing and saw that I was actually good in it! My sales got much better, to the point of having saved enough $ to buy myself my first Mac computer (Macbook Pro Retina – Huge apple fanboy here). That had encouraged me even more to make my gigs even better & expand my services.

I started adding banner designs, business cards, flyers, brochures and so on and I loved doing what I did. When I started offering vector tracing too, my sales grew huge! I went to getting a few orders a week to sometimes a few orders a day (which some of them are large orders too). I’m now so happy that I started Fiverr, discovering what I like doing.

I’m now aiming to reach my next 2 goals, 1000+ positive reviews (which are 914 now at the time of writing), and achieving the Top Rated Seller level.

Good luck to everyone, and keep on doing what you love doing! Success will come to us all if we work our hardest & do our best.

Have a great weekend/week!

  • MikeArtworks