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Reached huge goal

Dear all Seller.
I can guarantee for you few things.

  • Share in social media platforms your gig (doesn’t bring you orders)

What means the most?
*Stay online as much you can.
*Write down great gig title and information.
*Create your own Gig video or anything what you are selling.
*Give some discounts for returning customers
*Be polite manage to keep them, not scare them.
*Attractive gig information, price and Video, Photo or audio images.
*Do more work than you offered, it brings them back.

*Use emojis in start
*Start wit, Sir, Madam, Friend, Dear, Boss or anything else.
*No free samples
*no Copy paste info from other people.

Huge success:
It doesn’t come in a day , two or month. I have spent a year, online as much as I can do, using app while traveling, while I have a free time, i kept refresh the fiverr.

Why I wrote this down?
I just reached 307 Completed orders, of 20.045 USD
Everybody can do it, be possitive, and spend more time actual on platform improving your customer skills, your skills, and not ask for how to get orders, instead just invest your time for extra knowledge.

For me 20 grand is alright, but the most important thing what came from fiverr.
My customer support for customers, value of getting new customers and kept the old ones.
I learned so many things about video editing and filming while working at fiverr.

It helped me in real life, so i run small agency of video productions, what doesnt involve fiverr at all, but my own built real life customers who bring me more and more,
Remember: most important thing is Customer support, how you interact with customers and how you treat them.


Thank you so much for this helpful tips

You are welcome. Don’t listen to people who offer you to use those words, sir, dear, and rest + shares at social media will not wor.

Thanks man for the motivation

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Always Welcome, check also hashtags and analytics atleast once per 6 days. if it drop down to small amount, change some tags.

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Thanks for your Info.

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Oh no, no no no!
None of those are good.
Especially not dear or boss, they’re not your loved ones and neither are you working for them, you are working with them. Clients contact you because they need something from you, you’re not begging them to work with you.

It’s been said before but for the sake of it, I’m going to say it again: It doesn’t do you any good to be constantly online.

That’s not good advise either because if you’re unlucky you will get working with someone who doesn’t appreciate the extra work you put in and then next time they actually demand extra work from you. If it takes you more than maybe 5 minutes, I would not do it.

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Read a line on top of it, it was meant to be DO NOT!

With those type of things, I am at the top page from video editors for already almost a year, So i know what i am doing. :wink: And this was personal experience from me.
Also about extra work for your gig type its not worth it, but for my gig have different pricing so its just common . :slight_smile:

Hey I am really broke during this pandemic and I need money how do I get it

With hard work you can get it, this is not a place for people just to earn fast money, it will never happen like thst here.