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Reached LEVEL 2 with $812

Hi Fiverr folks,

 Today i have reached Level 2 with $812, i just love this job........Now i am earning almost tripple than my day job.....planning to quit my day job....I am pretty much confident working here on fiverr, with my own timing and my own price....This is actually a GOLDMINE......

Congratulations! Isn’t it a great feeling to see the earning potential at Fiverr? :slight_smile:

Congratulations. But you’ve only been on Fiverr since November of last year. Not to take away from your success, but based on the math, you’re averaging $203 a month. Not saying you shouldn’t quit your place of work, but it wouldn’t be wise until you develop some consistency. Either way, congratulations.

Yes ofcourse…

Hi, i have joined fiverr 3 months ago, but started working last month and my sister is also working here for morethan 3 years, she taught me animation and she is earning an average of $1500 a month, so its her advice to quit the job, anyway i believe her…thanks…

Ah I see!