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Reached my 100th Sale in First Month



I am so excited to share my views about

I joined Fiverr 2 weeks ago and i just reached to my 100th order :slight_smile: Keeping my Rating 100% with 0% Cancellations :slight_smile:

I guess i am close to get promoted to LEVEL 1

Super Happy and Excited as well :slight_smile:

THANKS to all my Super Awesome Buyers :slight_smile:




Yep, you are two weeks away from level one! Keep up the momentum.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Thanks :slight_smile:


Wingle, be careful I checked out your account and saw a few things that may push or violate the TOS agreements of


Yes thanks for the heads-up. That thing is not a problem. I have checked via support.


Congrats! Keep it up :slight_smile:


Reply to @wingle:

Hey thatโ€™s GREAT news. Iโ€™ll add it to my awareness of allowed links!


Reply to @kymmypops: Thanks. I will :stuck_out_tongue:


I really Really Need to Get LEVEL 1.

Recently have few buyers who want to buy my GIG with 3 figure amount.

One buyer could not wait and order 30 GIGs of $5 ONE-BY-ONE to cover the price of work. Currently Being seller of LEVEL 0 is really frustrating :frowning:

Its 26 DAYS since i joined FIVERR, so it means only 4 days to LEVEL UP :slight_smile:


wow!! a hundred on the first month! how did u get there? tells your secret.


wow thats a ton of sales man howd you do it?


That is really impressive. I just signed up today and hope to soon be a super seller. I have a great gig. Just need people to see it. Best of luck to you.



Reply to @highstakeshuey: Not a big secret. Just got luck to get initial sales and then they impressed with work and share my gigs on their facebook.

I actually always over-deliver no matter what. Donโ€™t really have fancy words to explain. But key to success is to work with buyer, communicate with them no matter if the end result does not come up as per buyers like.

Never stop communication with buyer and they will appreciate it.


Reply to @superfunart: Thanks really.

Well i out my GIGs and share them on facebook and twitter. Go few sales in first 5 days. And then they recommend me to other and so on and onโ€ฆ Itโ€™s more like a LUCK to me i guess.

And as for 100% rating. I got few situations in which buyer was going to cancel order or leave negative review. I just hold my nerves and work with buyer politely. Offer unlimited revisions and over delivered. So those buyers then turns out to be the best buyers.

I do not have any long stories or tips to share. I just want to say. JUst be calm and positive toward buyers. And treat them with soo much CARE.

We as being a SELLER, always try to not let the buyer leave you negative review.

COMMUNICATE with them and listen what they ask. Thatโ€™s it.


Reply to @hardeepsgill: THanks โ€ฆI wish you best of LUCK too :slight_smile:


Its Day 27 and just crossed 150 GIG sale MARK also :slight_smile:

So excited to be LEVEL up in few days. :slight_smile:


Yep, :slight_smile: Youโ€™re well on your way :slight_smile:


FINALLY I GOT MY LEVEL 1 :slight_smile: and on 90% of Level 2 as well. (i guess i need to be active user for 2 month for LEVEL 2)

Thanks Fiverr, Customer Support and Fellow Sellers for Supporting Me :slight_smile:




how you get 100 sales in just 2 week?