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Reached support team for an error, they gave a warning instead

Me and my buyer both were getting an error regarding our order, order contained milestones, buyer wasn’t able to start the 2nd milestone as he kept getting the error,
Support team sidelined the error and gave me a warning instead!
and I still have that order related error pending but all they are arguing about is the referral thing.

Buyer had asked about a discount and I told him about fiverr referral by which he can get 20% off, We did not use the referral though,
And I’ve read the fiverr referral terms 10 times it doesn’t state that you can’t talk about it with buyer or offer him one.

First guy from support kept threatening that he’d give me another warning if I don’t cooperate with this one, I explained everything in brief but all he wanted to say is, “Either take this warning, or I’ll give you a different one or we can give you both!”

I just asked for one thing- show me the term or guideline where it is written that we can’t discuss with our buyer regarding referrals, they kept talking about everything else but failed to give a proper justification.


Refering someone that then buys from you does mean you are manipulating the system to get a cheaper price. So, I can understand where the warning comes from. Avoid doing that again, or you will end up losing the account if you’re not careful.


So Sad! Sorry about your warning.


I agree with the warning as well. It’s probably unintentional… but it’s common sense (to be honest), why will you talk about a referral to an existing client… who doesn’t need one?

Of course, it will look like an attempt of abusing the program.


I can see where CS is on this one.

It looks suspicious to them.

You know, like you asked a friend to join under the referral program so they can order from you.

It’s much like a Conflict of Interest.

I’d accept the CS story and just move on and don’t do it again.


yeah, I just wish they actually had a term written- "you can not offer a referral code to an existing buyer, and I really wish they gave sellers a chance to defend themselves before giving a warning.

like- ‘hey we noticed a suspicious chat or activity from you which may lead to a TOS warning, We’d like to hear from you bout this before we proceed!’

One warning - and your growth graph drops down exponentially.


They maybe right partially,
but I had approached with an error on the order which has actually been marked as solved while I am still facing it.
Regarding warning- I have no choice, I’ll have to accept.

but the main issue is also being ignored again and again.

That’s not how things work, you can’t defend yourself of a rule that they set that you broke… the warning is there for you not to do it again

The referral program is clear that it is not for existing customers.

Please accept that you tried to manipulate the system for your own ends. It did not work out and so take it like a man or move along.

Blaming others for your choices and then snapping at anyone who tries to help you in honesty - back to honesty - merely shows you to be unwilling to accept. This does not show you to be a noble seller, one that good people would want to hire :wink:



Too much of blame here mate,
Very strong use of words!

And I liked how you mentioned That ‘I tried manipulating the system’,
Hope that makes you enough of a man!

And well, I’ve been getting fair amount of buyers with all Positive ratings, that speaks for my work :raised_hands:t2:

If you give your original post and some replies a second look, you will find that it’s argumentative. Benedictrm isn’t wrong here, but only because he is reading your post at face value.

I think it’s because we are non-native English speakers (writer/user?.. LOL), so sometimes when we try to explain a situation or view… it comes off too strong.

Happens to me too, happens to me too.

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Thanks for your words and suggestions everyone,
I’m in conversation with support team,
I hope I’ll atleast get help with the error regrading my order;

I’ll accept the warning and move on. :raised_hands:t2: