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Reached the Milesstone 1 review, $5 in 2 Months. 2.3 star

Howzat and thankyou Fiverr for your supportings?

Please stop these tedious posts. They are not tips. They are egocentric and boring.


2.3 stars impressive! Looks like we got a new TRS over here

It was hard world.

Now I buy car.

I am make advace!! Don’t b troll if you not need my sell advice and go away!

lololol… but i need tips on how to write my own milestone post one day!

The formula is set in stone! My protip is not to write one at all and just measure your progress by your own milestones and yay with your own friends about it. A milestone can be anywhere between $5 and $50,0000. The rest is just BS.

I saw on my Facebook earlier that a friend had posted one of those “you know when you’re an adult because lol” posts and every single goddamn response was shopping related, or at least taking a catalog home to browse.


How is that being adult? That’s where the kaching is. There’s a tip.

tank me for the posting please. it was useful. because i sad so.

LOL…One of Emmaki’s best :slight_smile:

I would have to thank my predecessors for the trailblazing (Oscar speech etc.)

Yup :smiley:

Since Fiverr took their cut… technically you’ve probably only reached $4. So your not quite to your $5 milestone yet… :slight_smile: But you’ll get there some day soon! I’m so happy for you and all the other 50 milestone posters! Thank you for sharing, and I’m still waiting on how to land one of those $10,000 gigs!



Congratulations on your brilliant success!