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Reached the Milestone 300 Reviews, 8322$ in 5 Months

How’s that? I reached this milestone yesterday and i am very happy with it. I started working from January this year properly(i made my fiverr ID in december).
I don’t want to share any tips but i will share one and it is my favorite.
’ Use your brain’ that’s the best tip anyone can give because you should be the teacher and you should be the student as well so Use your brain. Learn as many ways as you can. Set a goal and Just do it.
My goal was 8500$ in 5 months. I am a little short but i was very close. May was Slow in the End so i wasn’t able to reach my goal but i hope i will reach my next goal in time.

What’s your story?


Congrats Mate !! Really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

great and yes very true may was slow at the end

Respect mate! My goal is more modest - become a level 1 seller in this month :slight_smile:


Congratz dude! Well that’s possible in some markets but in other that’s almost imposible. However I like that pholosophy of just doing it!

Regarding my story just started 2 weeks ago, no orders for 11 days then i got 2 orders on the same… : ) Happy costumers. Gonna re-invest on making a more professional logo and gig’s.

The first goal i’m aiming is 10 happy costumers.8 to go!


Congrats…hoping to reach that milestone soon…

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Great…!! I’m new here and didn’t received an order till now.

This is awesome. I really want to achieve same goal in JUST 01 month, will I?

I think best trick to work on fiverr is, improve your response rate, deliver orders in time and communicate faster. Do you agree?


Thank you Mate. :slight_smile:

It was and i am worried because it isn’t recovering much. Start of the june is slow too. I think people are going on Summer vacations and that is why it is slow but hope for the best. Good Luck.

You can achieve that. Focus on the Buyer Requests and you can get 10 orders in one month. I was a level two in less than 2 months.

I know it is very diffcult to just wait and wait for the orders but that’s how you learn things. Send buyer requests on daily basis that’s how you can achieve the level 1 and level 2 badge because if you send 10 request some day all 10 of them will respond and some day none so hope for the best. Good Luck.

Thank you so much. Good luck, you will be there soon. :slight_smile:

You have some great gigs but your base price should not be higher because no one trusts a new Seller so people usually try New sellers so the base price should not be higher. Use Buyer Requests too. Good Luck.

Yes you can. A Guy from my city averaged 20,000$ for 5 months. He was a Level 2 Seller. So yes it is achievable.

Yes i agree but the best thing is provide quality work. Clients love them and pay more for quality.

thank you. :slight_smile:

May was too much slow…but congrats