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Reached to 900 Reviews

Today I have a great achievement in my Fiverr career. I have reached 900 reviews! It took 3 years but I am happy. Thank you Fiverr for giving me such an awesome opportunity! I hope to continue selling and maybe become a Top Rated Seller one day!


Well Done !

I am a new in fiverr
I spend over 30 hours last 4 days in fiverr. I registered on 1st april …

I will appreciate if you give me few advices how to start making sells.
I try to sell photo editing and there are over 15 000 people with that work
Any tips how to get thru and make my sells ?

Btw… i see the buyer request page but for 12 hours a day there are maximum 5-6 orders and 4 of them are not for my business …

i’m really demotivated and i’m close to give up …

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don’t give up
hold your nerves you will be succeed here and just give time here with full devotion
secondly send requests daily

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well done keep it up


Congrats Maria :tada: for your achievement

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Well done keep going


well done. Keep it up