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Reaching higher prices - but keeping same quality on cheap gig

Hey everyone. So today I have pretty tricky and complicated question to discuss. :slight_smile:
So, I currently have basic $5 gig for designing cover images, banners, etc. and it’s doing okay. I am here for around 4 active months now and I am pretty happy with number of orders I have got completed so far and it seems my clients are super happy too. :slight_smile:

Now the case is, I don’t want to raise my prices just yet, because I don’t have as much orders as I would like yet, but I would like to also reach those clients who are willing to pay more. Don’t understand me wrong, I don’t want to get more money for same job, but now I spend maybe 1-2 hours on average per order and for higher price I would get more into it, research it more, try more color combinations, try more positions of text, etc. and of course spend more time on each design. :wink: So in most cases, design will be more thought out and nicer (subjective opinion), but in some cases, cheap package will look great or even better as well if client will provide better quality images or I will just have great idea about it.

So now the question is how to explain this in packages, that lower price is not lower quality and that I didn’t raise my price for same work as some old clients may think. Also how not to scare away those with low budget to someone who offers only $5 designing gig and their work looks great, because those may think, they have to pay more for same quality than with that seller?

I would love to hear what are your opinions about this matter? :slight_smile:
Have a nice day everyone!

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At the beginning of this year I raised my prices and it was the best thing I ever did. I started to get a lot more sales!

The reason why I raised my prices is because I reinvest into my fiverr business so the price increase was needed. Further to this, I didn’t understand the value of what I sold until a few of my customers mentioned it to me.

Higher prices give a sense of better quality. I tend not to go for the cheapest option when I’m buying, I go for what I think is reasonable. You should price your gigs at what you feel they are worth and also ask yourself how much would you want to pay for your own service.

Looking at your best selling gig, I personally think you are offering a lot for a very small price… Unlimited revisions? That is not something I see often. Your repeat customer base should be low due to the type of work you offer so you should see ‘mostly’ new buyers. For repeat buyers you can always send them a custom offer and honour your old pricing, that’s what I do.

I don’t think you need to change anything.

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Thank you for your opinion. :slight_smile:
I am thinking for past few days to make 3 packages, but can’t figure out how not to make cheapest option look bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

if you have ongoing clients perhaps you´ll need to start there. Explain to them why you´ll be raising your prices, or perhaps you could even offer 1 or 2 jobs at the same quote you are now before ´´upgrading´´.

Edit your gig, update the information and what is offered for the new price. That will make it different for sure.

The only ones who deserve explanations are the old clients, new clients don’t need to know or understand what your price was before. They just need to now what thy are going to get for whatever price you´ll choose.

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Thank you for your opinion too! :slight_smile: Currently I’m dealing with situation that I have mostly repeated clients (they come back for other designing work, not just covers), but very small amount of new clients - interesting.

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