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Reaching Level 1 SHOULD Be a Time to Celebrate But


After trying Fiverr some time ago and not doing very will, I turned my back on it up until recently, when I decided to give it another shot. I started receiving a few enquiries and orders and reached level 1 just the other day :D/

The only thing is, ever since then, i’ve received no enquiries and no orders. It’s like reaching that level stopped the small flow of work that was starting to come in :-/

Is it just me or has this happened to anyone else?

I know, one gig isn’t enough. Still deciding on what else to add.


I did see a dip in orders on first reaching level 1 as I think that’s the point where your gig is no longer listed under ‘new’ and isn’t quite so prominent in the search results. Glad you’ve had a few more orders since though, I’m sure they’ll keep picking up too.


@zimron89 - That’s interesting to hear. I have had a couple more orders now. Glad I didn’t have to wait another 3 weeks!

Congratulations on reaching level 2 =D>


I had that experience and after reaching Lvl 1 I was not able to get an order nearly for 3 weeks. Later now I’ve earned LVL 2 last week and haven’t got a single order till now…Let’s wait and see hope everything becomes normal after few weeks. Be active on the site…


@fastcopywriter - I know it doesn’t count so I wasn’t including it and that’s exactly what I intend to do - add more gigs. Like I said, i’m just deciding on what else to offer.

I thought about website evaluations. So much choice!


You only have two gigs, your tip gig doesn’t count. I suggest offering more stuff. I see your passionate about online marketing, maybe you could offer some traffic gigs? Website evaluations? Maybe there’s a web marketing trend few people know about but it’s becoming popular?


Ever since I got lvl 1 I only got a handful of orders.


@academictext - That makes sense. Never thought of that.


I only signed up two days ago and have received 6 orders since. I wasn’t expecting any so Fiverr has far outdone my expectations as there is so much competition.

Having read other peoples experiences of losing work once they hit level1/level2, I’m not quite as optimistic about potentially getting a decent amount of pocket money!


congrtz ur next target is Level 2… hope u will achieve


Reply to @dsgnr_: Don’t be pessimistic either! Sales go up and down for every seller on Fiverr. There are too many reasons to even try to figure it out. :slight_smile: Just promote yourself off-site to drive as much of your own traffic as possible. And don’t expect a “decent” amount of money. Very few sellers earn “decent” money here, but there are plenty who earn ‘indecent’ money. :wink:


The same is the case with me , i have 20 gigs but after receiving my level 1 badge i haven’t got the amount of work which i used to get before it , i had my 27 orders in 30 days before level 1 badge and after getting the badge it has been 7 days and i only had 2 orders !!