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Reaching Level One and Doubling Prices

I am mainly a writer. I am expecting to be promoted to a level one seller next week. I already have 25+ reviews. I am thinking of raising my rate from $5 per 1,000 words to $10 per 1,000 words. I am planning to message my repeat buyers to give them a heads up. How high do you think my chances of success are?

That sounds pretty reasonable. I started from $5/500 words (and am technically still there), so that’s definitely not too much to ask.

Maybe you should word it in your gig as $5/500 words rather than $10 per 1000 words? It might draw more buyers. I’ve done the opposite and written $10 per 1000 words because I don’t want to do short-form things anymore, but it might work better for you.

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I wouldn’t recommend it. It can be considered as spam and you will be back to level 0.
I’m also a buyer here and if all the sellers I’ve used started messaging me I would report them. I will find out the new price when I make a new order.
Plus, I’m also a seller so I need to keep my response rate up and it would literally add more work for me.


Like others have mentioned, I’d avoid doing this. It could be seen as spam and, if you’re reported to Fiverr, your account could be put in jeopardy.

Otherwise, I think your chances of success are very high!

I’m a content writer on this website, and I offer 200 words for $5. My most expensive content writing gig is $15 for 850 words, so you’ll still be offering less than I am (and much less than other sellers on this website).

You deserve to be paid fairly for your time, and as someone else in the same boat, I know how long it can take to write 1000 words, especially when research is involved on top of that!


Your number of orders might decrease but it will be made up for with higher prices. It’s worth a try and you can always go back to the original price if you need to.

I think others have given good advice above and I have some other things to add:

  • Change the gig to either writing or editing and make a new gig for the other service.
  • Offer writing in only one language and create a new gig for the other one.

“All-in-one” gigs just don’t look good or professional. Your title and description should appeal to the buyer in that you are offering EXACTLY what they want. And just that.

  • Consider offering a starter for 400-500 words as that is an average size article. Alternatively, mention the 1000 words in your description because most sellers price by 500 words.
  • I would definitely raise pricing. Note: you are not doubling your price, you are upping them slightly towards the rate you actually want to charge. $5/1000 words is too low a rate and while it is good for getting some reviews, as a buyer, I would not hire at that rate - it seems too cheap to me.
  • Your rate of $5/1000 words is the same as a certain someone who was a regular here and he used to have 100s of orders in his queue to the point where he could not cope! He used to say “I will write 2 x 500-word articles for $5”. You need to say something like “I will write 1000 words for $10” or whatever rate you want. Be clear about it.
  • Increase delivery time and include an “extra fast option”. Extra fast options can be a gold mine. A great seller who eventually raised his prices recently had an Extra Fast order where the buyer paid $65 instead of $15, just so they could get it extra fast. I get extra fast orders quite often and frankly, it can double your price while it seems like you are doing the buyer a favor - it is win-win.
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He managed to maintain his prime spot in the rankings on the first row of listings in spite of have half his orders get cancelled for going late. It seems he was actually coping by telling his buyers to order off his facebook page or something like that. :slight_smile:

Hopefully most sellers will be able to raise prices to at least $10 as soon as possible.

Wait some Time if you achived level 1 Badge then you Go

And change your Price Packages


Thank you very much for your kind information. I’m just thinking to send message to the buyer who knocks me and vanished without any response but I’m so careful now.

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I sometimes do that if it’s only been a day or two, just to ask if they need anything else. I don’t think it’s spam to do it once you have had an initial inquiry from someone and only do it once promptly. Most of the time they seem glad that I asked them.

People get confused by my gigs and don’t know what to ask or what to do so it seems to reassure them that I reach out to them to offer my help with their decision after a day or two. They can see that they won’t be abandoned.

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I usually don’t even reach out to the buyer if they vanish.

  1. If they are not responsive and I have to chase them, then most likely it will be difficult to get information from them. I build websites so I’ve had clients who send me their content at the very last minute.
  2. I’m usually quite busy so I don’t even have time to chase them. Maybe if I needed an order because I didn’t have anything else to do, maybe then I would check in with the potential buyer :slight_smile:
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You guys are really awesome. Yes within a day or two is better and if they are not responsive it would be better neglect theme at all. Now I am thinking differently.


Is giving buyers a heads up really that big of a deal when it comes to spam? I am thinking of only messaging 4 buyers and in a non-spammy way by changing up the message each time.

@baqsam Yes it is a big deal. Don’t message them about changing prices. It is spam no matter how you do it.

I’m also a seller so I have to respond to such messages to keep my response rate. It’s annoying and unnecessary action.

Besides, buyers have not given you the right to spam them. They haven’t subscribed to your newsletter, updates or anything like that.