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Reaching level two!

I have already earned 599$s and only have completed 17 orders. i earned level one nearly a month ago and fiverr says I have reached 80% for the level two. So Do I have to make 50 custom orders within 2 months to reach level two? My average selling price is 37$s so that means one custom order is equal to 9 gigs. Highly appreciate your comments on this.

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Price has nothing to do with it, and neither do reviews. You need 50 separate (individual) completed orders within 60 days as it mentions on the Levels page.

Ohh is that so! thank you fro the response, then I might have to work somewhat harder and smart to reach the 50 orders mark!


Work harder, hopefully you’ll get your level 2 badge sooner than you imagine. Before it gets to 2 months or before you reach 50 order mark. Just keep making sales and getting orders. Good luck

Hi! thanks for responding! so far doing good! and fiverr truly helps me a lot to cover up my expenses as an undergraduate. will keep you all posted with my progress :slight_smile: