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Reaching out to previous buyers

When you reach out to see if a buyer needs more work,can you send promotional offers to these previous buyers?
( For example if they’ve said they’ll be checking back in to order more in the future )
I do graphics, so if I said instead of 5 graphics for $10 , I would send them a message saying now until - [date] you can receive 8 graphics for $10.
My gig for new buyers would be the same but previous buyers would have a promotional offer.
Is it allowed on Fiverr to send a promotional message offering them more for the same rate of your gig?

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I would not send messages to past clients or anyone on Fiverr. This will be considered spam.

Only respond to people that send you messages.


Thank you. I only meant to buyers wanting more future work and as a thank you/ appreciation. Nothing just to get a sale or pester a buyer, this is good information.


No this is not allowed. This is spam.


It is not allowed here and for good.


@misscrystal thank you
@rankinfinite thank you

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If you still don’t believe the people who told you it’s not allowed, take me as an example: back in 2010 or 2011, I was young, naive and foolish, so I did what you said you want to do and Fiverr temporarily suspended my account. Who would’ve thought that I had the spam quality at that time? :crazy_face:

Back then Fiverr was more forgiving and they believed in second chances, which I received, but nowadays I don’t think they believe in second chances anymore considering the amount of sellers on the platform as opposed to the lack of sellers back in the days :slight_smile:


I actually had some orders I didn’t know about when I first joined fiverr and didn’t deliver them, and they forgave me and erased them. I think the volume of sellers trying to cheat and break the rules has increased so they don’t bother to forgive anyone, along with having so many sellers as woofy said.


I have done many foolish things in my youth Woofy, happens to the best of us.


Well, I’ve had sellers that offer me promotional in their delivery or in the thank you message, if I happen to tip them.

“I really enjoyed working on this project with you. The next you need my service, please message me first as I’d like to offer you . . . .”

Of course, be careful who you offer it to, some may abuse it.

I enjoy getting special messages like that. It makes me feel good — I rarely take them up on it, but will remember it. :grinning:


I’m grateful for the fiverr forums, if not for them, I probably would have been in trouble with fiverr a long time ago. :weary:


I think yes you can. Fiverr support sent me this in one of their message “It’s always helpful to send a quick note to the buyer’s inbox, letting them know that you haven’t forgotten about them.” This might help you. :slight_smile:

What??? Reaching out to previous buyers is also known as spam so I’m not sure why they would tell you to do it. I think you must not have understood what they were saying or when they meant it was ok to do it.


If you are sending promotional messages in bulk to your buyers then it will be considered as span otherwise there is no issue to reach out the previous buyers. Eventually fiverr loves repeated clients. :slight_smile:

You aren’t supposed to reach out to previous buyers ever, even once, since that is spam.


100% disagree!

& this is why I am so scared to use unknown sellers. I absolutely HATE it when someone messages me.

I don’t respond, I flag & report to C.S. :frowning:


Thanks for updating. I will again confirm this from fiverr support. :slight_smile: Your help is highly appreciated.