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Reaching to level one

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I finally completed all the requirements to be a level one seller and I will be in the next evaluation on 15 of June. I am very happy about that but I have some questions, please
concerning buyer requests:
will I find more buyer requests because since I started the buyer requests appear very very few times sometimes I find during the whole day 3 requests even if I am refreshing the page


So far I know, it depends on the number of gigs and activity to be online most of the time.
I also want to know if something more to do.
Hope you will get your answer from the experts as well.

thanks for your reply
you mean it depends on the number of gigs offer the same service i do? or the number of gigs i have on fiverr?

The more gigs, the more buyer requests.And better to have min 2-3 category of gigs.
I get the result in this way. Try to be online most of the time and observe.
Sometimes, within 10 minutes you will get 20-50 buyer requests. And again it will show empty.
I observed this.

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I will try this, thanks for your time

You are welcome. If you get anymore tips. Share with us.We are international brotherhood.

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sure when i officially reach level one on 15 I will make a comment on this post as an update so you can get a notification

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congrats sir good luck for your future

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thank you so much
Good luck for you too :slight_smile:

reaching level one has a great impact on buyer requests
many buyer requests appear by reaching level one

I just hit Level One today!

Super excited for you to hit that landmark of an achievement soon.

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Congratulations :slight_smile:

great success, hope to get two soon

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