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Reaching top rated seller in 4 months time

In 1 month I became a level one seller and after two months level 2! I am proud to tell you all that I have reached top rated seller today! :slight_smile: It was a pleasant surprise when I opened my mail today and saw the news.

I hope to create more gigs and earn more money here at Fiverr. I have almost reached the goal of buying myself a new laptop for higher resolution work.


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Impressive. Congratulations.


You are VERY LUCKY to become TRS so quickly! :slight_smile:

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thank you so much!

Reply to @coolandcute: Thank you!

Reply to @wingle: Thanks wingle! Still can’t believe it haha.

congrats :slight_smile: and I thought TRS needs at least 1000 sales for the title…

CONGRATSSSSSSSSSS…I will strive to be like you.

wow…that is amazing. Congrats.

I am on the same track. I am already at 50 sales and just waiting for my two months to be up. Hopefully, I can make my goal of TRS by 5 months! Congrats!

Congrats! I am hoping it happens for me soon :slight_smile:

I have 100% feedback with over 500 sales!

Wow @fluffieball on your fast Sucess!!! :wink:

I wish you fast success in your dream

fluffieball you are such an extremely talented artist. I love your art!

You will go far with that talent of yours. You have my warmest congratulations for the recognition you so richly deserve. =D>


:open_mouth: =D> conguratulations!!!

Nice art work, and congrats!

Congratulations, Sayo. That’s not easy to do!

Awesome :slight_smile: