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Reactivate my account

I created a second account in order to fix the problem and then the account will be deleted. I was not sure how to work with Fiverr and when I originally created an account it was on my maiden name. I then decided to change the email to my new one but couldn’t change my username so I deactivated the first account. and when I joined again I made the same mistake and deactivated that one as well. However, now I cannot use my email address again and I know I should change it before activating. I figured that much out afterwords. but how do I reactivate my account so I can change everything correctly?


Contact CS and explain your situation. Here we’re only sellers and few buyers. And we couldn’t do anything about your account. CS will help you out.

You should stop what you are doing and write down what you want (your name, your gigs, your services your description) and only when you have all of that ready you should try to make new account.

Doing the things you did you will probably get all your accounts deleted and permanent ban from the site.

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What I will say is that you’re not ready. Once you understand what you want to do. Jot it down and start again so that you won’t keep making the same mistake. About reactivating your account, contact the Customer Service. Best of luck🤞🏾