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Reactivate the old account or create a new one?

For a long time I successfully accepted orders and was on the first pages. But because of life circumstances, I had to leave the Fiverr for several months. Because of this on my account decreased orders and dropped my clicks and impressions.

Is it possible to get the same success with this account again? Maybe some of you had similar experiences. I would be very happy to hear from you advice.

You’ve got some valuable feedback on your account. It would be a shame to lose it.

Remember, there are now many more sellers on Fiverr than at the start of the year / pre-coronavirus. With a new account with zero feedback, you will be competing to breakthrough and get noticed.

However, it’s also tough to ‘reenergise’ an old gig. A couple of years back I paused my most successful gig as it was causing stress, but earlier this year I reactivated it as other work had dropped away. Despite the gig previously attracting an order or two every day, the gig didn’t attract a single order in over half a year. I’ve since paused it again.

My suggestion would be to stick with your existing account. Maybe you can create an additional gig based around your skills, although of course it must be sufficiently different to your existing gig? Maybe this will help.


I agree with @english_voice. Your chances will be higher if you research your competition and then make a gig for something that has few to no competitors, but plenty of demand, as long as you are very proficient in it. Focusing it on a niche as well can be even helpful.


Before doing anything, ask support with the process, just to avoid a ban.

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It really makes sense. Maybe I should think about new gigs like you said. Thank you for your valuable advice.

I agree with you one hundred percent. These are extreme measures I could take. In any case, I will contact support. Thank you!