Read about the full SEO Audit


Do you know what is SEO audit? SEO auditing is a new site or the old site is taken to the next step. You did not audit your old site because you are thinking that your site performed well. But we know that Google offers two types of penalties.

  1. Manual Penalty
  2. Animal Penalty (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird)

I will give you different types of audit checklist:-

  • On-page optimization
  • Content
  • Duplicate Content
  • Accessibility and Indexing
  • Site Architecture and Internal Linking
  • Technical Issue
  • Site Speed
  • Mobile
  • International
  • Analytics
    I hope everyone gets cleared about the SEO audit. Keep in mind that audits should not be done by anyone. I say again, a doctor cannot offer a good quality at first. But an experienced doctor has the ability to preserve you before you visit. So it should be worth a visit to a doctor.

Generally, you need to spend at least $ 200 a dollar to buy an SEO audit service package. But for the first few days, this service will be given at $ 30. Offer for a limited time. So order it now.