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Read and you will get the solution

I almost get all the answers from forum without posting my question/problem. But I’m facing a problem which I never read here. I have a time problem in my profile. When it’s AM, my profile displays PM and when it’s PM, it shows AM. Kindly help me how to fix this issue, please. Thank you :blush:

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How weird! :flushed:

Maybe this is a question for CS, unless someone else has an answer?


Are you using a VPN?

Sometimes, not alway.

That’s probably why. Ensure that your VPN is disconnected when using Fiverr, and I am sure you will no longer face this issue.


I never used VPN while using Fiverr. VPN was always disconnected. And now, it’s been so long that I never used VPN but the problem still exists.

You could report it in a support ticket to CS. I assume the time setting is right on your PC (eg. as shown in Windows) but maybe it doesn’t use that. CS should probably be a be able to help with it though.


I’ll report to CS. Thank you :blush: