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Read Before Admins Delete This Abuses


Where its the bad storys ? Where its the true about admins abuses on this forum ?
I ask because i want to share in that category my story.

Im level 2 seller, i have good services , sell traffic. From couple weeks my sales its increase.
The problem start like that:
Someone order 10k visits , and i send 30k visits. More than he order, After received all visits in couple days , buyer ask for refund money. Fiverr dont give this option for money back after couple days and i tell this to the buyer. With all this buyer tell me about bad review.
Now anyone can ask: why the buyer dont stop the order from first hours if my traffic its bad ?
I ask myself to support to refund money … they refuse to refund.
I warning about that buyer its very strange and in my opinion its one reseller or scamer.
And quess what ?
Instant that buyer receive money back and my account was disable.
Doesnt meathers if exists already many orders , and buyers who wait the results of orders, one admin disable instant my account. Nobody dont tell me nothing. Doesnt meathers happy buyers or money in the account , they can do this instant.
for that must to give bad feedback from anothers account creates to looks like random buyers , and if cant destroy your gig with reviews , will disable your account and AFTER they will invent any reason.

Now maybe u think , another good admins will change this abuses situations. No. Because nobody dont care about abuses , they care just to make money with own gigs.
Its not strange how nobody dont talk about abuses of admins fiverr on this forum ? Anywhere exists that , not on fiverr ?
What normal admin can do this and make unhappy alot buyers who already have old orders on my gigs, some guys orders 800$ and wait the visits to be delivery in couple months, now i cant even comunicate with they to renew links or information. They paid already. Its not fiverr one scam website in this situation for this buyers ?
Now u can delete and hide your abuses.


You are talking absolute nonsense.
Fiverr support is run by Fiverr staff.
The forum is moderated by a team of volunteers who are also sellers and has changed many times over the years.
Did you ever think that these “abuses” that you are referring to are possibly not real? I know having been a moderator for a year that I have not seen any accusations like your one:

What is likely to have happened is that after you sent a ticket to support, they looked at your account and saw that you were breaking the rules somehow.
This could be it as gigs have to be delivered within 30 days.

Anyway, aside from anything else, the question is really - if you provided such a good service, why didn’t you just say no to the buyer when they wanted a refund? If you delivered what you promised then you are entitled to say no. Is it possible that support saw something wrong with the order?
That seems a lot more likely than the convoluted conspiracy theory that you have made up!


I find it interesting that you are a level 2 seller and you just joined Fiverr in November.

Are you talking about promoting traffic on a website, or perhaps reviews? Because that would be against Fiverr TOS.

I am sure Fiverr will refund their payment.

I am wondering where your proof is of that, because the story you told does not convince me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh my God! Fiverr is exposed! Quick everybody, to the bunker, this sh*t is about to get real.

Anyway, good luck doing battle with Eoin.


I predict Eoin will win. :wink:


If they disable my account , its logical i cant write here, logical i make another one, to write this story.
First of all , if they dont delete yet this tread , i will show u all tickets , and answers :))

vickiespencer im sorry but your questions its just funny :slight_smile:
Exists custom orders and orders run months or years, Pay one time and the services run months.
That order with start the problem was for 5$ , i tell u already …i ask myself to support for refund and they refuse that.After couple hours instant they disable my account.
If someone pay 2 months ago, its means i take the money and the service must to be run another months.

No one cant disable instant one account level 2 without warrnings. Exists more stepts before disable one account.
If u dont understand what its means one abuse , then do not bother to reply just for hide whats happen.
How u imagine its happen one abuse ?


For kids its enought just one admin to reply here : your account was disable because any reason. They dont see more than that answer. They dont ask where its your proof mr admin.
Constructive criticism are welcome ? I just say about one abuse by disable one old account.
Do u see some admins to try or pretend to resolve this case ??
What i tell u , they dont care , because each admin try just to defend own business. Each admin disable accounts to competitors , so not exists one good admin who can change the situation.
Fiverr 2017 , admins have the best gigs.



If u read exacly u understand me
I just explain. After the order its finish , the seller dont have anymore access to refund. From this reason i ask support to do this : to refund even if i do the service , if the buyer its unhappy.
About if i do something wrong in the order ? Lets see this , i dont do that. EVEN IF I DO THAT, ITS FIRST TIME.
But im a old seller, i know what i do and i know where its one abuses.
Special for u i explain :slight_smile:

One admin have anothers accounts who its used for sales
With anothers accounts buy some services from competitors
They know exacly when to ask for refund , and seller dont have this option. They know exacly what to write to support because they will read the ticket in the finaly and make the decision.
In eyes of all people looks like one random buyer its unhappy , and admin can do that. All the stuff believe that, no one dont lose the time to investigate if have eought reasons to do this.

Think about u are admin on one website who run $$$ , dont want more money or just salary ? DONT u think any admin have a brother , or someone who run gigs ? Dont u think where its alot money , exists abuses ??



See above.

This is common practice with online support systems. It is done this way because often, after one response, the customer does not respond again. If it is not marked as complete then it stays open indefinitely which makes the support team’s performance look bad. You can respond to tickets that have been marked resolved.

Or the first time you were caught. The things I have quoted above suggest that you have been doing this quite often.

You chose to ask for the order to be cancelled because you were afraid of getting a bad review:

Just because you break the rules, it does not mean other people do. Nothing you have said is proof - in fact nothing you have said gives any indication of anything, other than you being annoyed about having had your account blocked. First you blame the buyer, then you blame support but the reality is that from what you have said, it is clear you are the one to blame. Now grow up and stop making excuses.


Wow. What is going on here?


Oh, it’s just Eoin doing his job very well as usual and getting support from others. :slight_smile:


eoinfinnegan its so cute :slight_smile:
Tutorial for u

The buyer its one admin who defend own gigs. So that its means one admin , have accounts for sales and accounts to buy. With account sales win money. With accounts buyer defend own gigs.
If u dont imagine this simple things then u live in another world.

I explain u again, its obviously u dont want to understand

One buyer order 5$ , 10k visits
After i send 30k , dont say nothing.
In this point anyone understand if something its bad cant stop the order.

Appears after couple days , when the order cant be cancel or refund by me or himself.
He ask for refund money and if dont refund with take bad review.
I explain , i cant refund money to ask to support about that.
I see how write bad review , so i imagine not ask on support and i ask myself , if exists this option to refund the money. They say no.
OK , then i make my job … after couple hours, appears message order was cancel , one minute later your account was disable.

About order long time , its like that , if someone order huge visits , and after couple days because already pay and fiverr send me money , say please reduce visits by X per day , that its means more long time , than will start before. What u can say to buyer ? No , i will send more visits even if your website will be down ?

Anothers orders, pay one time, and each day send me one new link 30 days , article for promotion.So that buyers cant have money back , and cant run what they pay already.

If admins dont make nothing when someone say : its one abuse and close the ticket with any answer or pretend to help … its another fact very dangerous and if u use imagination will understand me.

If u disable one account level 2 , u need to warning step by step before its happen , show us the proof. Your ideea with Break Rulls its just one fake answer , what exacly rulls , after that maybe u see where exists the rulls to disable one old account in 2 sec.
U dont make the differences what its means Rulls and what its means Invent Rulls… or interpretable.
If one admin use interpretable rulls that its means again abuse. If its not exists in rulls , then its just invention to hide the abuse.
If u are admin and make one abuse , maybe u prepair something to looks like u make just your job .
In this situation make mistakes , probably very nervous
If u understand this industry , what its better , to disable accounts or penalise the member …lets say one week u canoot take new orders , or suspend your account 2 weeks , or keep 10% of earning because u break the rulls ? etc
But no , this its not defend that gigs of admins, competitor gigs still exists after one week and eaanings of admins gigs will be low.
What its means to be rude in conversation with one buyer ? Im from 2014 here , dont u things i dont do this …and i dont care about unfair review.
U ask about the true ? One account its disable in 2 sec , support dont answer. So when its happen one abuse nobody dont do nothing , that its not means not exists.
U are affraid also to lose your own gigs and must to play like that ?


Sorry, I don’t have as active an imagination as you clearly do.

Perhaps you could explain one thing to me - now that you are gone and there are “only” 3000 website traffic gigs left, do you imagine this support person will find ways to get rid of them too?


I wish I had the option. I don’t understand any bit of this.


Your English is so atrocious, I could only hang for a couple sentences. Mek-sel gives me a headache lately.


only the ones that rise up , gigs who have top seller , i just say that … from one week or something like that orders more than usual its coming , and show me Top Seller. From this point that “buyer admin” try it with bad review, after write the review still see my rank its high and need more bad reviews…but make this mistake and disable account , probably like u say … find something interpretable. But i dont break the rulls.
Another tips : they cant have all the time Available Now open. In my case was always was open. :))


Interesting theory.
When I started doing well and getting more orders, I was invited to the seller success program rather than getting my account disabled.
Anyway, good luck with your business and as soon as you have some kind of proof rather than creative assumptions that make no sense, I would be delighted to hear back from you, once I have caught a couple of the flying unicorns that is.


:)) haha
if tomorow your account its disable , how u can proof me we dont do nothing bad ? Maybe u have better ideea


And your answers aren’t funny?

I thought 29 or 30 days was the longest a gig could take to complete? If you are paid the $5 you will be paid in 30 days plus your waiting period for the money to clear. Yet you are saying you had a buyer who trusted you to work longer? He is not a smart buyer.

Maybe you were on the CS radar long before you got your account suspended? So it only seems it was "instant to you.


Maybe it wasn’t that long. Maybe they checked him out after he contacted them. And found, for example, that his delivery time was 1 day, but the service was running for a week, two weeks, or a month, depending on the package. That means either delivering late, or delivering before the service was completed. Every time.