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READ BEFORE POSTING: Fiverr is temporarily experiencing issues. Relax


Fiverr is currently having issues.

Don’t panic.


Post your issue here. Please do not create duplicate posts.

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Fiverr is aware of ongoing issues and is working on them. Please see staff post: Known issue - Data not showing up

There is no need for more commentary, just give it some time now. Thanks!


I am off To Sleep now. So Its okay for now. hope, When I wake up , All will Be okay :sunflower:


lmao i was freaking out !


Everything is gonna be fine, I hope.


When things like this happen, Fiverr should send an email to all members letting them know. I figured it was a bug but this kind of bug is serious because it concerns the funds directly.


They’re down right now.


I’ve had two major bugs in the last five minutes including no inbox.

I admit to a little freaking over it.


They did post about the maintenance a couple days ago but i think the time frame they specified is over and people are still facing issues


Please see Matt’s post Known issue - Data not showing up