Read BEFORE You Respond


There are vast amounts of threads in this forum complaining about buyers not reading a gig description before/during/after ordering which leads to all sorts of confusion, extra work, time wasted, etc., etc… However, the exact same thing is happening in this forum!

Please, if you are going to participate in the forum, make sure you carefully read the posts and comments you are addressing BEFORE you reply. Example… OP: “My buyer sold MY work as their own. Is that allowed?” Random Respondent: “Well, that depends on if they sold your work as their own. ‘continuing on ad nauseum questioning what the buyer did and offering useless advice about their personal interpretation of international copyright and intellectual property law’”.

I understand that loads of folks are wasting time in the forum waiting for gigs to come through or just trying to keep their name visible, but honestly guys, if you’re not going to pay attention and add to the conversation in some meaningful way, go play somewhere else. Please.