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"Read" Chat Feature - Buyer--Seller Communication

Hi Everyone!
I’ve been thinking about this feature for a long time now…just wondering what you guys thought about it. Essentially, I have an idea that you could see whenever your buyer/seller read your message in your conversation. It would simply have a small ‘Read’ icon near each message, so you can know that your buyer/seller has at least seen the message…
So what do you think…let me know below!

It was already suggested many times before.

There are buyers who keep asking “Hello?”, “Are you there?”, “Why aren’t you answering?”, “Why are you ignoring me?”, “I’ll report you!!!”, and so on. Now, imagine what happens if they’re aware that you’ve seen their message, but you aren’t answering yet (because you’re unable to answer, for whatever reason).

Besides, knowing that the buyer/seller saw the message doesn’t really mean much; they’ll answer when they answer.


Yes as a seller I can see how this would be useful, it’ll be proof that buyer “read” but isn’t responding.

But as a seller as well I can see how it’d be a nightmare. I am very non-confrontational and sometimes when I get intimidating/rude clients, rather than respond back I just let the message filter down into oblivion and don’t respond. So if they knew I read their message and was just ignoring them it would be worse I think. :slight_smile:

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I don’t really like this idea, mostly because it puts a certain pressure on both parties.

The buyer who sees the seller has read their messages but has not replied is upset that the seller does not reply.

The seller who sees the buyer has read their messages but has not replied feels frustrated that they are not wanted or do not have what they need to do a project.

Sometimes having the veil up is a blessing. Having this feature wouldn’t expedite anything.


Ok, thanks for your input,makes a lot of sense…thanks!