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READ IT! Fiverr is now doing something which means a huge drop in scams!

You probably already set it!

Yes. It’s the new feature. Set your security question.

And if you want to change it and you forgot your “answer” you must contact Customer Support!

This means:

Way less fraud

Less spammers hacking in

And less money being stolen

What do you say about this new feature?

yeah , i was asked to set one yesterday, good development.

Reply to @megatraffic2014: It seems every account got it… I am really excited that fiverr is working hard on the security aspect of fiverr…

  • Joe

Reply to @thecreativeguys: i tried logging in from another browser and i couldn’t

superb move by Fiverr

Anything that cuts down on scamming is great. ive been a member for 8 days (Already have 10 completed gigs) but my first offer was from a scammer that wanted me to do the work first without him putting in the buyer order. Saying things like “If you work is up to my standards then you’ll get paid”. I almost cancelled my account.

@thecreativeguys That it still won’t stop users that give away their personal information via phishing attempts, but it should at least cut down on it.

Improvements are something I always appreciate.

Where do you set it? I haven’t seen that yet.

it’s about time!! geezzz, the simplest sites have this feature!

Reply to @misscrystal: You probably also got it. If not you can set it on your account settings

good move fiverr.

sir help me

Very good security improvement…

Reply to @shoaib6: what?

Not really good. I just got hacked and lost $106. Not really much i know but i worked so hard for it this whole month. There’s a paypal account associated with my fiverr account which is for sure belongs to the thief because i haven’t set one. I made attempt to change it but fiverr sent the instructions to the thief paypal email address instead of my email account that i used to register at fiverr.

I’m not an expert in the “web” stuff, but i wonder why fiverr doesn’t use https istead of the insecure http protocol?

Here i upload the screenshot.

Reply to @tutung: Have you set a security question yet?

Having a security question can help to stop stealing accounts, but it’s not much useful. Other people cannot steal your account like magic, they need your password. If your password is strong and you love to become a secret gamer, they won’t steal your account.

When you do have more browsing experience, you’ll not face phishing attacks too.

Finally, there is one more security measure I’d love to see on Fiverr.

  • SSL Certificate(https) :slight_smile:

I love a good working website every way in moving forward is a win.

The ony thing i have problems with is the support on Fiverr.I have found a bug in the Fiverr system that i am trying to get trough to the people responsible…

i think i spoken to about al support email workers yet it is like i am talkig to a automated robot system… check my post for more details.

I really like the new security feature, but don’t you think it would be even better if once you decide to withdraw money they ask you the security question? i mean it’s good to withdraw it with just one click of a button, but let’s say someone hacked your account and wanted to withdraw the money in there favor, if they are asked the security question before the withdrawal it would stop them from stealing the money!! what do you think guys?