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Read my gig description!

I’m in a really bad mood right now because my fridge died. Why do people waste their time (and mine) and send a message for something not even related to my gig? Okay, if it was for something like “write about dancing cats wearing cute outfits in Paris”, then sure, send me a message to see if I can write about that first, but why would you send a message such as “I need someone to make me a product video about purple frogs” when I don’t do that?! Come on folks, read our gig descriptions first, then move on!


It’s incredible. I get asked to do all kinds of things that have nothing to do with my gigs. This has been happening a lot lately. People hate to read. They don’t even read the messages I send on the order page sometimes.


“make me a product video about purple frogs”… That was funny, but yes, I get it, and yet we must remember that the customer is always right and we should be polite.

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My thoughts are with you. I hope it passed peacefully.

Non-readers, random people asking for samples, insane people who order things you do not order. These people are about as legitimately entrepreneurial as homeless can collectors. Sadly, these people are like a disease which spreads too fast to be cured. In theory, they could all be lured onto some kind of $5 cruise bound for the Bermuda Triangle. However, by the next morning, there would already be a new ship docking at Costa Del Fiverr.

At least you don’t get people ordering videos and saying “I don’t have a logo so just come up with something. If I like it, I’ll tip!” Followed by, “Where’s the logo?” When you deliver.

I also seem to be getting deluged with people wanting me to write ebooks. Why on Earth would I write you a 10,000-word+ book for $50 - $100 when I charge $15 for 300-word blog articles? You can’t say that, though, or you risk the wrath of a wannabe Danielle Steele screaming “IT’S NOT AN ARTICLE, IT’S A BOOK!” before reminding you how many amazing writers on Fiverr there are who are already falling over themselves for the opportunity.

Then there are the sample people. I got this gem the other day:

I am looking for a new employee who works with me long-term. So If you want to work with me rewrite this text and send me it.

"We walk our clients through every step of the consulting, design and structural engineering process.

At XXXX Design, we believe that the process of design, construction or renovation of a structure is as important as the end result. For this reason, we work closely with our clients; gathering relevant information at each step about their needs, as we proffer pragmatic structural engineering services. We work closely with relevant local authorities and clients and have a reputation for meeting high expectations.

For years now, we have successfully executed conceptual, preliminary, and detailed structural design projects in various areas of Structural Engineering and analysis across California, US.

Our quality assurance program ensures that high-quality contract documents are delivered for each project. Our knowledge of a wide variety of structure types and construction materials always provides the client with a cost-effective and high-quality structural solution."
I just wanted to check your experience in design topic.
**The keywords are: **
**Structural engineering **
structural design solution

Looking forward to hearing from you

Followed by: "I also need an article about amateur photography and different iPhone models. Can you send me a sample of an existing article on this topic you have already worked on?"

Every day I pray these people get eaten by something. Preferably some kind of large mantis creature which will dance around them unervingly beforefand.


I have people who message me for weeks or months or pop up now and then with long winded rambling messages of their problems that would take me half an hour to read. The fact that long ago I took the time to read their lengthy messages has stuck in their minds and they hope that it happens again. They always continue to ask for something I don’t do. I sometimes recommend they try another seller. They’re like a gypsy curse; the only way to get rid of them is to give them to someone else.


Ohhhhhhh, like the Starship Troopers???

I saw that movie for the first time last summer with my friend, and boy was I entertained.
Such a fun and silly popcorn movie.
But yes, I do agree with you. Sometimes you just wish that some people would get…
OK, I’ll stop here before I turn to the dark side :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be great if Fiverr created a new rule where
“If a buyer places an order which is clearly NOT mentioned in the seller’s description,
the buyer will have his/her account removed.”
Oh wait… “the buyer will still need to pay for the order for wasting the seller’s time”
would be even better.

The seller will be asked to provide a screenshot of the message as proof of course,
and POOF, the buyer’s account is gone.

It might be harsh, but if this buyer fails to read the description once, I’m sure
they will do it again.


I was thinking 12 feet taller with more teeth. :slight_smile:

Yes, and they feel no qualm about doing it again. One buyer recently tried to convince me to cancel by explaining that after I agree, they receive a questionnaire in which they can state the reason and rate me. They had been a member of Fiverr for lessthan a month. Clearly, they had cancelled a few orders and yet were still happy to keep on trying to guess what sellers might be able to provide them with, rather than take a moment to read asic gig descriptions.


Ah yes, with poisonous acidic saliva dripping from their mouths…oh wait that’s an alien from another movie…


Yes, but it shall be reanimated as a zombie fridge, but no longer my problem. A refurbished one is on the way.

I hope the zombies are on the way, because I’m tired of waiting.

I’m thinking of writing an equally silly message next time.


Not reading the gig description is the reason in 99% for canceling the orders, at least that’s in my case. Although I brought up this issue to the CS for a couple of times I get that same response that’s something like that…

“I understand your frustrations, but there’s no easy way for use to manipulate the statistics. I will forward your request to the technical team to see if they can do something. I cannot promise anything.” Sure, I understand that someone made this system in a way that cannot be manipulated, that’s either really dumb or they are just lying.

In other cases I get this 'I see that your stats are good, if they go bellow 90% please contact us and we will not take that in consideration on the next evaluation."

Sure, because the stress ins’t a real thing. I always stress up when I see those stats going down because of some client that doesn’t read the gig description, the FAQ nor the PDF that’s uploaded.

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